Trouble At Archives Center

Trouble At Archives Center

Some employees at the Center for National Documents and Records/Archives have staged a protest demanding the immediate resignation and or dismissal of the entity’s Director General, Philomena Bloh Sayeh.   A group of employees who referred to themselves as Whistleblowers and aggrieved employees of the CNDR accused madam Sayeh of bad leadership, corruption of the misapplication of a US$1.2 million World Bank fund to the National Archives.

The aggrieved employees through their Spokesman, Ebenezer A. Borbor said Madam Sayeh has unilaterally increased her own special allowances at the entity while other employees are left with nothing to carry home.

Mr. Borbor on behalf of the aggrieved employees claimed that madam Sayeh has denied the National Archive and Liberia the opportunity of benefiting from an international conference. The group’s spokesman said Liberia was to benefit by hosting the conference but the Director General rejected the idea thus leaving the CNDR the opportunity.

“She is a dictator; she brought onboard three consultants without following the PPCC requirements of hiring people at the center. She has no good working relations with the employees and that is why we want her to resign,” Mr. Borbor stated.

The group is calling on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to dismiss Madam Sayeh as Director General and called on the national legislature to add its voice to their plea to the Liberian leader. They said the consultants brought in by Madam Sayeh were not vetted and thus, breaching the PPCC law.

When contacted, Madam Sayeh was said to be in a tight meeting and therefore could not speak to the media but the Information Officer at the CNDRA, George Williams said the situation started sometimes last week when some employees of the CNDRA called for the resignation of Director Sayeh.

Mr. Williams said the aggrieved employees were invited to a meeting and were asked to reduce their complaints into writing as their discussion between they (Employees) and the Personnel Director was not on record.

He said the employees yesterday shot down the only generator at the CNDRA thus, leaving every activity at a standstill. “What we have proposed is a dialogue between the Director General and the aggrieved employees because they are employees of this institution and will be listened to,” Williams said.

He said the administration is open to discuss anything with anyone who has a problem but it should be properly channeled. Williams added that Director Sayeh was appointed by President Sirleaf and as such can only be dismissed by the President whose will and pleasure she enjoys.