Culture Amb. Endee Wants Peace Be Managed

Culture Amb. Endee Wants Peace Be Managed

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr. (Cub Reporter)

Liberia Culture Ambassador Julie Endee has called on traditional leaders of the 15 counties to help educate how and what is needed to keep peace.

Speaking at the program for peace held at Crusader for Peace Women and Children Village out of Monrovia, Amb. Endee said, “There are problems everywhere; in the national government there are lots of noise so we are asking elders of Liberia to help contribute by telling us how they used to live and how they are living in their villages and towns.”

Amb. Endee pointed out that calling all elders to national decision making is very important because they know how everything came about, and they may have something that they may want to say, and their ideas may be better because they are leaders in their various counties.

She stated further that Liberians should stand to meet all challenges to help protect and keep the peace that everyone is enjoying today. She also said that there will be a secretariat and a museum built.

She mentioned that the Government of Liberia, LIBA, Lone Star Cell, CBL, Afriland First Bank, LIPRC, NOCAL, Ecobank, NPA and others have supported the program.

Amb. Endee stated that peace is needed to the fullest because without peace one won’t be able to exercise his or her right. She continued, “Only you and I can uphold peace in Liberia, and all we need to do is to stay together because we cannot maintain peace by being divided.”

“Coming this far is because we have peace that we are enjoying and I am grateful to everyone of you for the support and especially to the Press for always being by our side promoting this program every time,” Endee concluded.