Tipoteh Turns 72…Prays For Mandela’s Recovery

Today marks the 72nd Birth Anniversary of the renowned economist and pro-democracy politician, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh.

At 72 years of age, Dr. Tipoteh is calling on all Liberians to pray for the recovery of the world’s foremost Father of Democracy, Madiba Nelson Mandela, who is ill in a South African hospital with a lung ailment. Dr. Tipoteh says that the prayers are the best way to celebrate Madiba Mandela’s 95th Birth Anniversary on July 18th.

Looking healthy and strong, driving his vehicle, Dr. Tipoteh tells people that he feels like 27 years of age. He is also telling people to get in the July 26 Spirit by  working together harder and better  to get rid of mass poverty and widespread corruption so that the vast majority of Liberians who are still suffering from poverty  can have hope for better lives.

Dr. Tipoteh insists that it is a big shame that at 166 years of age, nearly all Liberians remain poor when God has blessed Liberia with so much human and natural resources. But he says that it will be an even bigger shame if peaceful action is not taken to get rid of mass poverty and widespread corruption soon.

Dr. Tipoteh says that the way forward is for Liberians to rally around leadership in the public and private sectors with longstanding records of working in the interest of the poor rather than rally around a leadership that uses the people’s resources to continue making themselves rich at the expense of the suffering masses. Dr. Tipoteh at 72 reminds us all that the continuation of mass poverty and widespread corruption is a persistent threat to our national security and peace. Therefore, Dr. Tipoteh is of the firm view that justice must prevail through the ending of mass poverty and widespread corruption sooner than later for reconciliation and peace to come to Liberia.