Mary Broh’s Fate Still In Limbo…NIC May Be Thrown Out For Rent

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

The faith of Monrovia City Mayor-designate, Mary Broh remains in limbo as members of the Liberian Senate remain divided on her confirmation.

At a special session on Friday some members of the Liberian Senate voted that the issue of Madam Broh be discussed in plenary instead of being conducted by the Senate Standing Committee on Internal Affairs. But Grand Gedeh County Senator, Isaac Nyenabo took serious exception to the decision of his colleagues and filed a motion of reconsideration for the Internal Affairs to conduct its affairs on the issue of Mary Broh instead of plenary.

At yesterday’s session, some members of the Liberian Senate including Senators John Ballout and Dahn Morias demanded that the motion be brought on the floor for discussion since a vote was taken on the issue.

During the session, the President pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Gbehnzohngar Findley seized the motion for the issue of Madam Broh to be discussed saying that Senator Nyenabo who filed the motion of reconsideration is out of the country and that the motion cannot discuss in his absence.

Pro-tempore argued that Sen. Nyenabo has the right to defend his motion of reconsideration and therefore the matter cannot be discussed in his absence and therefore, could not entertain such motion that the matter of Madam Broh be brought before plenary of the Liberian Senate for discussion.

There was serious commotion in session of the Senate as Senators Morias and Ballout could not accept Pro-tempore Findley’s decision on the issue of Mary Broh. They want the former Monrovia City Mayor appear before plenary to be questioned about her deeds when she acted as City Mayor of Monrovia.

During the commotion, Senator Ballout was seriously warned by Pro-tempore Findley that he could be thrown out of session for disturbing session. He later reasoned up to the end of yesterday’s session.

At the same time, National Investment Commission (NIC) has complained of budgetary constraint and is therefore, appealing to the Legislature to increase its budget for this fiscal year.

At the Budget hearing yesterday the Director of Finance at the NIC said though the NIC submitted a budget of US$2 million for approval, it was given only US$275,000 of that amount something that cannot sustain the institution.

He then described the situation as very appalling adding that such an amount cannot run the NIC. He said the generator being used by NIC is over seven years while the entity is indebted to its landlord for rent.

He said the NIC might be thrown out of the premises presently being used as there is no money to pay the rent of the building. The NIC has complained of no fuel to run the generator. They want US$11.4 million but have been told that the entity will only receive US$1.1 million which cannot run the day to day operation of the NIC.