Liberia’s Future Uncertain…Fans Want Inquiry

By Edwin G. Wandah

The future of the Lone Star of Liberia is one of the questions many Liberians are wondering about and want the Government of Liberia to intervene.

Recently, the Liberia Lone star’s performance both at home and outside Liberia has been deplorable, with many questions being asked about the image of the country’s only team and its future on the map. Even, with recent draws and defeats have put shame on the faces of many Liberians who say, they have gradually lost hope in their country’s national team, the Lone Star.

Since they lost to Nigeria, Uganda and Senegal in two international competitions, that had put slur on the Lone Star thereby creating doubts about the future of the team.

But Liberia like any other country should not have been losing grounds in sports as compared to other countries in Africa like Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt and other countries who they say are making impacts on the Continent.

The claims of the Liberians are the number of players sponsored outside of the country, players that are making impacts in European Leagues such as the English League, the Spanish League, German League, French League and many other leagues that are credible and are making impact.

The fans said some of the countries have more players playing in these leagues and they are making positive impacts in their countries of origin with their participation on their country’s team also worth commendable.

Liberia now sits bottom on the Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifiers with Senegal, Uganda and Angola leading the group, but according to the Liberian fans, authorities at the LFA have done little to improve the system.

The group is calling on the Government of Liberia to act immediately to arrest the situation or else the image of the Lone Star will undoubtedly be doomed.