Liberian Youths Seek More Promotion For Girl’s Education…Say One Government Official Equal One Girl

By: Antoinette Sendolo (Intern Reporter)

A call has been made for the government of Liberia and its partners to increase the promotion for girl’s education in the country.

The call comes from several youths of Liberia who over the weekend converged at Plan Liberia’s conference room in Viojama Lofa County for a campaign to foster girl’s education in Liberia.

The campaign was done commemorating Malala’s Day and aimed at creating awareness on the importance of girl’s education in the Country.

The program which was sponsored by Plan Liberia brought together youths from the National Children Representative Forum, the National Children and Youth Advisory Board, the Youth Coalition for Education in Liberia, the Girls Making Media, and the Movement for Political Justice and Advocacy in Liberia amongst others.

It was observed during the program that there are gaps in Liberia’s educational system that affect girls across the country.

Meanwhile, in order to address those gaps, the Youth Coalition for Education in Liberia (YCEIL) and its partner organizations have crafted a resolution calling on government and other international organizations and NGOs to prioritize girl’s education in Liberia.

Speaking at the program, the chairman of (YCEIL), Beyan Pewee described girl’s education as a key factor to the development of Liberia.

He noted that if the young girls of Liberia are educated, they will be able to make decisions in their interest and the issue of poverty will be minimized.

Also speaking was the National Speaker of the Children Representative Forum, Forstina P. Gongbah encouraged young girls to stand up and speak for their rights to education.

The speaker then guaranteed that the Children’s Forum is in full support of the campaign and will help ensure that the rights of girl’s are secured.

At the same time, the Chairman of the National Children and Youth Advisory Board Trokon R. Monghah disclosed that disabled females are more vulnerable therefore they should be given the opportunity by having schools that are accessible for persons with disabilities.

However, the resolution which was read at the program was officially presented to the Secretary General of the United Nations on Monday July 15.

The United Nations through its spokesperson has expressed strong support for the campaign for girl’s education and promised to work in ensuring that the resolution crafted by those young people is being fully implemented.

The name Malala came in the picture when a school going teenage girl in Pakistan was shot by the Taliban on October 9, 2012 while travelling to school.

Malala is a teenager advocating for girl’s education in Pakistan and is the winner of Pakistan’s first National Youth Peace Prize.

July 12 is being considered as Malala’s Day and it’s to be celebrated by young people throughout the world and this year, in commemoration of the day, Malala made her first public appearance since the incident by addressing the United Nations on the importance of girl’s education in New York.