Keeping An Eagle Eye

IT HAS BEEN reported that serious tension between two ethnic groups in N’zelekore, Guniea has led to the death of at least eight persons and the burning down of two churches and mosques.

ACCORDING TO OUR information, it all started on Monday night in Koulay, after some people of the Mandingo ethnic group accused another group of people from the kpelleh ethnic group of stoning them while they were breaking their fast following the observation of the Ramadan in Koulay, Guinea, according to a Liberian journalist, Mike Jabateh who is based in the community.

THE MANDINGO PEOPLE who were allegedly affected by the act of the Kpelleh people got angry and reacted by stoning them (kpelleh people). The two groups reportedly went wild and the stoning turned to the use of cutlasses and AK 47 guns, which also spread to N’zelekore that is about 40 Kilometers away. The tension also resulted to the burning down of two churches and mosques early Tuesday morning according to our report.

ACCORDING TO THE Liberian journalist, some of the victims died while en route to the N’zelekore Government Hospital while the rest were pronounced dead at the hospital.

A GUINEAN MILITARY Police official, Capt. Mamadee Dialo has confirmed the death of the eight people. He named three of the eight people as Mariatta Kromah and Alhaji Musa Syllah of the Mandingo ethnic group and Moses Kollie of the Kpelleh ethnic group. Others dead have not been identified up to press time.

WE ARE INDEED concerned about this precarious situation in Guinea which has the propensity to spill over to our country which has tasted the bitterness of conflict. Considering the presumption of where the conflict is taking place, we think that there is a need for the Liberian Government to keep an eagle eye on the situation.

WE ARE AWARE of recent situation along our border and as such have to be vigilant this time around especially when there is report of such situation emanating from our sisterly country of Guinea which shares common border, culture and ethnicity with Liberia.

LET THE LIBERIAN Government watch the situation and if possible, arrest any eventuality that may tend to disrupt our already fragile peace by taking the necessary steps to ensure that lasting peace reigns along our borders with our citizens residing in other parts of Africa and the rest of the world.

OUR PEOPLE HAVE suffered so much that they do not want anything again to create a situation that will disturb them.

THAT IS WHY we are appealing to the Liberian Government to keep an eagle eye on the ongoing situation in our sisterly Republic of Guinea and arrest any situation that may want to disturb our peace process remembering that we have a very cordial relationship with the Government and people of Guinea and anything that may occur in Guinea or Liberia will definitely affect everyone of us.