“We Are Guilty”…Pleads Witness In Mercenary Trial

By Edwin G. Wandah

The ongoing case at Criminal Court “D”, involving 19 persons who were arrested and placed behind bars yesterday took another dramatic stand when one of the alleged arrestees, Prince Barclay, admitted in court that the charges leveled against them by the Government of Liberia were all true and nothing else, but the truth.   Before taking the witness stand, the witness openly and willingly took oath in court and spoke his conscience of every testimonies given by him were true and nothing else, but the truth.

According to Prince’s testimony, he went to Grand Gedeh to do gold business and applied to the West African Mining Company as a miner, but was later down sized.

Prince said, after being downsized by the Company, he and other Liberians on the gold mines were offered recruitment by one Bob Millay who informed them of the need to fight in the Ivory Coast to raise money for themselves.

According to him, they were introduced to one Dedier, an Ivorian who promised them CFA30.000000 after the Mission of fighting for Ivorian President Laureant Gbagbo is completed, but said; portion of the amount was given to Bob Millay in the amount of CFA13.000000.

Prince said, the group from Liberia was divided into two groups to attack two cities; one group to attack Touleplay and the other group to head for Guiglo, another city in the Ivory Coast.

During the crossed examinations, the defense council, led by Cllr. Dempster Brown; using a document he said was submitted by the Liberia National Police, took certain portions from which he asked series of questions.

During the defense council’s questioning time, councilor Dempster Brown was seen being objected to by the prosecuting arms of Government. At certain time, defense council got frustrated over what they called prosecutions continuous interruption.

One of the questions which aroused serious grumbling in the court room was when the state witness admitted that he did not write any document or signed any document, and that everything inserted in the document that was in possession of the defense council was all attributed to him, a question which the prosecution objected to and was over ruled by the court, but prosecution took acceptation to.

Another sticking point was when the witness said most of the attacks in 2012 at the time he was arrested by police on May 11, 2011, most of the information was given to him by those arrested and put in the same jail with him.

The Special Grand Jurors for Montserrado County upon their oath do hereby find more probably than not that the defendants, Nyezee Barway alias Joseph Dweh, Morris K. Cole alias Edward Cole/ General Girl, Isaac Taryon alias Wolie Cooper, Emmanuel Saymah alias Trainer, Komande Mohegar Alerie, Frank Oliver Nioule, Junior Nioule, Edward O. Nioule, Jullien Badison Toue, and Moses Baryee alias Moses Sarpee.

Others are Djikizon Guei Martin, Blao Nocaise, Sam Tarley alias Bull Dog, Ophoree Diah and Alfred Bobby James, Jr. alias Bobby Sarpee, committed the crime of Mercenarism, a felony of the first degree.