Sports Academy Bill Before Senate

Sports Academy Bill Before Senate

By Edwin G. Wandah

Liberians from all works of lives are calling for the immediate scrutiny into Rivercess Senior Senator, Jonathan Barney’s bid to create a sports academy for the development of football in the country.

According to some fans, Senator Barney has a good vision for the Liberian youths who they said are the larger part of the Liberian society and as such, it is necessary to develop the capacities of the youths.

Senator Barney has been a close follower of the Liberian soccer, and had since seen the need for him and his colleagues to consider the development of these young people. Speaking with the Senator some time ago, Senator Jonathan Barney said the passion for soccer is to develop the capacities of the generation of a nation.

“If we want to see a good and strong national soccer team, Government needs to invest in the game, not only spending money, but investing in the facilities that will yield to success for us,” the Senator stated.

“We are also, and will continue to advocate for the young people because they are very important to any nation which Liberia is of no exception; we will plead with our colleagues in the House to agree to what we are saying and see reason to endorse these bidding process,” he ended.

The fans are calling on all government officials, including the religious community to join in this struggle to see that their dreams and hopes are realized. They are also calling on the Government of Liberia to take into account Rivercess County Senior Senator Barney bid to establish Liberia’s first Sports Academy for sports development seriously.