Cape Mt. Receives Building Materials For 26 Celebration

Cape Mt. Receives Building Materials For 26 Celebration

By Alva M. Wolokolie

One of the counties hosting Liberia’s 166th Independence Celebration, Grand Cape Mount County, has received several consignments of construction materials as donation from Aureus Mining, New Liberty Company which is operating in that part of the country.

The items, according to the community and Government Reporting Manager Rexford C. Sartuh, is part of the company’s social corporate responsibility to the people of Cape Mount and the entire citizenry of the country.

At a brief presentation yesterday held at the company’s Monrovia office on Allison Street in Congo Town, Mr. Sartuh said the construction materials are intended to butress the ongoing rehabilitation and reconstruction works that are taking place in the county.

As a company, Sartuh indicated that it would be unfair to sit in the county, observe the level of preparation taking place without Aureus Mining participation. He said it was against this backdrop that the Mining company decided to purchase construction materials worth over US$3000 for the people of Cape Mount while they prepare to celebrate the July 26 Independence.

Items donated by Aureus Mining include; 12 pices of hard board, several rolls of electrical wires, sets of energy saving bulbs, 20 buckets of ivory oil paints, several gallons of wood putty, 3 bags of white wash, packs of sand papers, sets of door locks among others.

Receiving the items, the Development Supt. of the county, Madam Tenneh Kpedebah lauded the company for the donation and reaffrimed the county’s support and collaboration to ensuring that the relationship between the people of Cape Mount and Aureus Mining will remain cordial.

Madam Kpedebah recalled that Aureus has always been there for Cape Mount whenever it had an event or other programs taking place. She made specific reference to the just ended National County League which brought victory to the county. “During the county meet, you assisted us, infact you even helped us to win. You have contributed greatly to the county’s administration, so we ourselves will continue to give the support nedded when necessary,” Development Supt. Kpedebah said.