SOPDE Begins Capacity Training For 93 Ex-Soldiers

SOPDE Begins Capacity Training For 93 Ex-Soldiers

By Jefferson D.Tweh

School of Professional Driving Education (SOPDE), over the weekend graduated 93 ex-soldiers of the Armed Force of Liberia (AFL).

The Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Director General, Veterans Affairs, National Bureau of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Aaron D. Nawuon disclosed that building a capacity of inhabitants is very important and contributes to national growth and development.

Mr.Nawuon said the training capacity was initiated by the Government of Liberia to train those ex-soldiers to enable them acquire skills and become useful on the job market; the program was sponsored by the Finance Ministry.

“Let me make it clear that 93 ex-soldiers were trained by the School of Professional Driving Education (SOPDE) for four Months and the National Bureau of veterans had sent another good number of ex-soldiers to Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC) for training and some ex-soldiers also sent to Congo Training Center and lots of the ex-soldiers are undergoing capacity training,” Mr. Nawuon disclosed.

“It is the responsibility of the National Bureau of Veterans Affairs to cater to those ex-soldiers and provide an opportunity to augment them acquire skills in the country,” Mr. Nawuon stated.

According to Mr. Nawuon, the ex-soldiers were selected for the capacity training based on their credentials submitted to the National Bureau of Veterans Affairs and they were qualified for the training and placed in many categories in the various training schools.

Mr. Nawuon disclosed that there were several driving schools applied to by the National Bureau of Veterans Affairs to train the ex-soldiers but according to his assessment of those schools, only the School of Professional Driving Education (SOPDE) carried the day among those driving schools which applied to train the ex-soldiers hence there is no doubt that SOPDE is more professional than any other driving school in the country.

The Technical Consultant of SOPDE, Mr. Sensee L. Sirleaf said ex-soldiers were trained for four months and they have acquired more skills at the driving school, although some of them were sluggish to learn but the instructors taught them the correct things and all of them can drive perfectly now.

According to Mr. Sirleaf, SOPDE is sponsored by the National Government and do capacity building for Non Governmental Organizations and go from office to office to train the staff at all times.