PYJ Snubs NUDP Convention

PYJ Snubs NUDP Convention

By Edwin G. Wandah

The National Union of Democratic Progress-NUDP has elected new corps of officers to steer the affairs of the Party for the next period of years, leaving Senator Prince Yormie Johnson founder and political leader out of the entire process in Buchanan.

Those elected to offices are Victor G. Bannie, National Chairman, Harrison Luo, Vice Chairman for Administration, Colonious A. Porte, Vice Chairman for Operation winning on white ballot, Musa Konneh, Vice Chairman for International Affairs, Musa Sheriff, Vice for Investment and Fund raising, K. Gontee Medrics, Vice Chairman for Internal Affairs, Melee Kermue, Secretary General, Sam J. Brown, Deputy Secretary General, Polaris T. L Wonyagror, Mekie Wamie, Chaplain General which she won on white ballot, Kulah K. Turay, National Women Wing and Mabutu Zears Palay as National Youth Wing Chairman.

But when the news of Senator Johnson was going to attend the convention; Representative Kun, along with other officials of the NUDP requested the Liberia National Police to deploy immediately to intercept  him and avoid his participation in the process.

However, activities at the convention started with battle cries, raising awareness for campaign of candidates’ elections, which was led by registration of county representatives from fourteen of the fifteen counties that attended the convention, excluding Grand Kru County.

Friday’s activities were characterized by intensive inner party campaigning and corridor lobbying among partisans of the NUDP to solicit votes from eligible voters, and after some minutes of internal campaigning, the presiding Chairman and Nimba County Representative, Jeremiah Kpan Kun announced the registration of party’s delegates with voting rights opened.

But amazingly, the Convention Chairman, Hon. Jeremiah Kpan Kun’s called for a motion to adopt the NUDP’s New Constitution and was embraced by some county officials who said it was prudent for the body to peruse the document before passage into law, but unfortunately, the efforts yielded fruitless result when two counties’ delegates protested that due to time factor, the constitution which will steer the day to day activities of the NUDP should not be read word for word, but should be accepted and subsequently accepted into law, a decision which was accepted and vetoed by Hon. Jeremiah Kun Kpan.

Meanwhile, after a long period of campaigning and political wrangling, nomination of candidates was opened with the following personalities nominated to contest these positions. But four of the 21 positions were contested for on a white ballot.

The following persons won on white ballots, Mr. Victor G. Bannie- National Chairman of NUDP, Mr. Colinious A. Porte, National Vice Chairman for Operation, Mr. Musa Sherif, National Vice Chairman for fund raising and Madam Mekie Wamie, Chaplain General respectively. Other persons nominated were Madam Kulah K. Turay and Diamond Sehwhy for National Women Wing, and madam Kulah won, Youth Wing, Nesco A. Wolo contested against Mabutu Palay and Palay won, Treasure position, Polaris T. L Wonyeigior and B. Yeanenzie Yini went in the race and both of them won as National Treasurers, for deputy Secretary, Sam J. Brown and Yuo contested in a tense election and both of them emerged as Deputy Secretaries.

Others were Melee Kermue, Eric Gbermie and Wilfred Bangura for the secretary position, but Melee Kermue won with 48 votes, followed by Eric Gbermie 23 votes and Wilfred Bangura winning 21 votes. Two persons, K. Medrics Gontee defeated Rufus Towah Sam for the post of Vice President for Internal Affairs and Medrics emerged winning with 69 votes, Mr. Musa Konneh and Musa F. Lamin Jr. contested for the Post of Vice President for International Affairs and Mr. Musa Konneh emerged as winner with 70 votes to Mr. Moses F. Lamin Jr. 20.

Mr. Harrison Luo and Kenneth took the shoes of Vice Chairman for Administration and Mr. Luo defeated him 55 to 37 votes. Meanwhile, the newly elected officers unanimously endorsed a resolution and elected Hon. Ricks Toweh as the NUDP’s new political leader taking from the founder and political leader Hon. Prince Yormie Johnson who they said has since resigned from the party.

But according to Mr. Wilfred Bangura, Senator Johnson is still a member of the party and does not ascend to those critics that consider him of not being a member of the party.

Mr. Bangura said anyone who considers Senator Johnson not being a member of the party might be speaking in error because according to him the Senator has not submitted any letter of resignation to abrogate his membership from the party. Bangura said, at least partisans should be thinking about reconciliation and not division which he believes could undoubtedly disintegrate any institution.