Joining The CBL’s Fight Against Poverty

WHILE SERVING AS commencement speaker at ceremony marking the 52nd Commencement Convocation of the Cuttington University in Bong County over the weekend, Central Bank Governor, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones vowed to fight poverty wherever it is found in Liberia.

DR. JONES WAS very pragmatic when he said that poverty is not Liberia’s destiny and as such his banking institution will go all out against poverty until the Liberian people are empowered.

THE CENTRAL BANK boss said the bank’s interest is to support the nation’s economy by empowering institutions and the citizens especially the young people of Liberia. “In the land of poverty there is a need for debate; how to eradicate it and ensure that the citizens are empowered,” Dr. Jones stated.

HE SAID LIBERIANS must focus on local production as a means of fighting poverty wherever it exists. He further called for the empowerment of the young people of Liberia with skills and to develop the agricultural sector for the production of Liberia’s local diet, rice.

THE CALL BY Governor Jones for Liberians to begin the battle against poverty is indeed a national call that must concern every single citizen if we are to make progress in our national agenda.

IT IS OFTEN said that a hungry man is an angry man meaning that whenever someone who is hungry and has nothing on his table for his family he will definitely become angry and should not be tempted at any time by any individual or group.

That is why the fight against poverty which has commenced under the able leadership of Central Bank Governor, Mills Jones must be a national priority.

IN SO DOING, we call on the government of Liberia to take the lead by empowering its citizens especially the youths through vocational, academic and skills training to better prepare them. This is the means of fighting poverty in the country.

WE ALSO CALL on government to prioritize the agricultural sector when poverty would have been history in the country because no individual or nation can survive in the absence of food. The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Agriculture must take concrete steps in ensuring that our local staple food (rice) be produced immensely along with other essential commodities to help avert poverty in the country.