Chinese Gov’t Donates Anti-Malaria Drugs To MOHSW

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The People’s Republic of China, over the weekend donated anti- malaria drugs to the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to help  fight against malaria in the country.

Ambassador Zhao Jianhua said since 2003 Liberia has been fighting against malaria but malaria still remains a challenge to the Liberian people.

According to Ambassador Zhao Jianhua, The People’s Republic of China will continue to support the Health Sector and also facilitate the doctors do their job with facile in Liberia.

Amb. Zhao Jianhua noted that the anti-malaria drugs worth three million Renminbi Yuan (including freight and insurance Premium) to the Liberian Government, is equivalent to US$500,000.

Amb. Zhao Jianhua disclosed that 20 Liberians will go to China for capacity training in maintaince operation to enable them acquire knowledge and make a great impact in the society.

“My country will continue to render support to the people of Liberia,” Amb. Zhao Jianhua concluded.

Minister Walter Gwenigale has lauded the Chinese Government for the tireless and tremendous anti-malaria drugs donated to the Health Ministry, saying, “We will take good care of the drugs because some people are always in the habit of stealing our drugs and when we send the drugs out they do not reach the community,” Minister Gwenigale noted.

“Not only drugs, but the Chinese Government also gave us sophisticated medical equipment recently and provided drugs to the John F. Kennedy Hospital. Some Chinese medical experts are currently at the JFK Hospital assisting with health- related problems,” Minister Gwenigale disclosed.

“It is not possible to become medical doctor before you serve as Health Minister but based on the President’s appointment, a farmer can even become a Health Minister provided if the President appoints him or her who is eligible,” Minister Gwenigale concluded.