“I’m More Energized”…Tipoteh Tells Liberians; As He Returns Home

"I'm More Energized"...Tipoteh Tells Liberians; As He Returns Home

2011 Presidential Candidate, Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh, has returned to Liberia, after a five- month stay in the United States of America,   Dr. Tipoteh had his first vacation in the US in 40 years of public service. While in the US, the Liberian politician received medical attention, engaged in reflection on the plight of poor Liberians and took action in the interest of the poor.

Dr. Tipoteh informed the Press upon his arrival at the Robertsfield International Airport of his preparedness to work even harder in the interest of the poor in Liberia because he is in a better health position now than when he left Liberia five months ago.

Immediately after his arrival on May 30, Dr. Tipoteh said that he was on time to bury on May 31 his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Welleh Wisseh-Tah, who was in charge of dietary and nutritional services at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center for over 20 years.

Dr. Tipoteh expressed great satisfaction that he was able to attend the funeral of Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis on June 1. Dr. Tipoteh said he and Archbishop Francis worked together very well on the peace process in Liberia, bearing in mind that only justice brings peace.

Dr. Tipoteh gave top priority in his time to working on planned projects that can improve the living conditions of poor Liberians so that the suffering of the vast majority of Liberians will no longer be used as a pretext for civil war in Liberia. “These projects are geared towards generating sustainable income for poor Liberians, especially the youths,” he added.

He then named the income generating projects as training for the building of ownership, managerial and technical skills for transforming the poverty generating prevailing production of raw materials for export system to the system where hundreds of thousands of Liberians get employment through value addition to Liberia’s natural resources, see concretely in the growth of the manufacturing sector through the use of raw materials as inputs for local production of products such as tires, steel rods, furniture and footwear.

He also named training for the ownership, management and the acquisition of skills for the packaging industry; training for the ownership, management and the acquisition of skills in the construction and marketing of affordable housing; training for the ownership, management and the acquisition of skills In the production and distribution of affordable solar energy supplies; ensuring the utilization of available scientific resources of the African University of Science and Technology and the African Research Institute of Science and Technology to Liberians strictly on a merit basis rather than on a pick and choose /personalized basis.

He said the African University of Science and Technology has been launched with a US$25 Million grant from former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, a longtime friend and co-worker of Dr. Tipoteh in the struggle for peace in Liberia and West Africa as a whole.

The politician also listed the provision of mathematics and science textbooks for Liberian students; provision of Economics textbooks at affordable prices; provision of better health books for the general public at affordable prices; and provision of a computerized DNA system to ensure the availability of adequate data for the determination and prevention of crime in Liberia.

In conclusion of his report to the people of Liberia after a long stay abroad, Dr. Tipoteh said he has returned to Liberia highly energized to continue the work for Justice, focusing on the building of the peaceful power of the Liberian people, especially the poor, to protect their rights and improve their living standards sustainably. Finally, Dr. Tipoteh expressed his immense gratitude first to God and to his Wife, Fatu, and family as well as the government and people of Liberia and friends of Liberia who showed concern for his health and well being during his five months stay abroad.