TWP Rejects GOL’s Take Over Of E.J. Roye Building

Some concerned partisans of the True Whig Party (TWP) say they are alarmed by reports that the Government of Liberia has invoked the defunct PRC Decree No. 11 of 1980 to seize the E.J. Roye Building, the National Headquarters of the True Whig Part y.

The concerned TWP officials said further reports that the Government has paid a gratuity to two individuals who are not authorized by the party to negotiate transfer of the building is shocking.

“Let it be known that the rank and file of the Party reject in the strongest terms attempts by the Government to usurp the legitimate property of the TWP through schemes and deceptions,” the party official in a release noted.

The TWP partisans added, “This Government which was elected to promote democratic principles and multi-party democracy in the post- conflict period has been badly advised to walk down the dark past of our history to resurrect a 33-year old Military Decree which was frowned upon by the civilized world. If the Government insists on this course, its reputation could be tarnished and seen by the international community as an enemy of multi-party democracy.”

Meanwhile, the partisans have warned anyone attempting to transact any business with respect to the E.J. Roye building will be doing so at their own risk, subject to the constitution of Liberia and the laws prevailing in the matter.