Simeon Freeman Descends On Ellen

A candidate during the 2011 Presidential Elections Mr. Simeon Freeman has descended on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf relative to the ongoing Reconciliation and Peace Initiative headed by Peace Ambassador George Weah.

Mr. Freeman who ran during the election on the ticket of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) said President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is not serious for peace and reconciliation in Liberia as evidenced of how her administration manipulated the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

The MPC torch bearer said for peace and reconciliation to be achieved it must come with restitution, something which he believes President Sirleaf is not willing to do.

Speaking on the Fabric Radio early morning show yesterday, Mr. Freeman said evidence of the President’s anti-reconciliation and peace moves was the dissolution of the Army and Police immediately upon assuming power in 2006.

Mr. Freeman said one way the President swept the reconciliation process under the carpet was the cancellation of all concession agreements signed by previous administrations prior to her ascendency, something which according to him run counter-productive to any peace process anywhere in the world.

Mr. Freeman also disclosed that of the US$19 billion concession agreements, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration is boasting of 66 of such agreements which run counter-productive to the statutory laws of the Republic of Liberia.

The MPC political leader who is also a businessman told listeners that peace and reconciliation begin with the nullification of those 66 agreements.

Mr. Freeman told Liberians via the radio that President Sirleaf was a loud speaker against the Tolbert administration’s practice of nepotism but today her administration is saturated with her children or family members at all level.

“If one wants to import gas, cement or other essential commodities into the country, you must talk to President Silreaf’s children. Peace and reconciliation begin when this situation is changed for the better,” Mr. Freeman added.

He said no level of football games or festivities with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Ambassador George Weah who is also the political leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) can reconcile Liberia if such an effort does not come with restitution.

The MPC political leader also recounted how US$2m was used to craft a document dubbed “Vision 2030” to develop Liberia and since then nothing has been heard of such pattern of its implementation. “What had happened to the 20,000 jobs promised by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led administration? “he asked.

He further said Ambassador George Weah is being misled by President Sirleaf and she is exploiting his popularity.

He said the President is manipulating the Legislature because it is what that institution wants it to happen “The Decent Work Bill is still languishing in the corridor of that body while oil Block 13 has been passed into Law,” Mr. Freeman intimated.

Mr. Freeman said there is a need for the President to break her family clause and corruption on the Liberian Economy as a way to ensure that the natural resources of the country are equitably distributed.

However, Presidential Press Secretary, Jerelimik Piah said all that were expressed by the MPC political leader were misleading as they lack facts and truth.

Mr. Piah said the President did not cancel any concession agreement but did review them in the interest of the people of Liberia. He recounted the benefit of such revision which led to proper dwelling houses in Firestone, a high school in that area and good wages for workers of Firestone.

Deputy Information Minister, Isaac Jackson who also called said the utterance by Mr. Freeman that the National Legislature is moving to the dictates of President Sirleaf is unacceptable, saying, “ It is unacceptable that he would classify the National legislature as a rubber stamp.”