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Police Director Massaquoi Holds Talks With US Police Chiefs

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police Hon. Chris Massaquoi, who is currently visiting the United States of America, has held talks with several U. S. Police Chiefs, including the Police Commissioners of Philadelphia Charles Remsey and the City of Baltimore, Maryland  Jerry Rodriguez, in a visit aim at lobbying for more support for the Liberia National Police.

The Liberia National Police through its Inspector General, and the Police Chief of Philadelphia  Charles Remsey said that they will work together so as to implement newly acquired skills and deal effectively with crime and law and other incidents. Both Police Chiefs agreed in principal to exchange training programs to strengthening the capacity of the Liberia National Police, and help in the areas of Forensic and strategy planning for the LNP.

The Liberian Police Chief, Col. Chris Massaquoi said that building LNP’s capacity and addressing some of the systemic challenges impending the ability of the police to serve the public and to execute crowd and riot control, curb crime and respond to emergency situations requiring high levels of professional skills.

In remarks ,  Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey of the City of Philadelphia, expressed appreciation on behalf of the Philadelphia Police Department  promising that they will respond more efficiently  to the emergency situations of the Liberia National Police that would improve the quality , performance and response time and bring pride, honor and glory to the police.

The both Police Chiefs during their meeting discussed several issues such as; communication equipment, Uniforms, Training/ Capacity Building for local and Foreign Forensic experts.

At the same time  the Police Chief of Philadelphia  has promised his department commitment in donating surplus Police Equipment to the Liberia National Police to include Uniforms , training resources  including investigation and forensic.

The Liberian Police Chief accompanying by the Consul General William Greaves, JR of the Consulate General of the Republic of Liberia, also made a brief stopover at the Batimore Police Department , in Maryland, where he met with the Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez, and during their meeting, the City of Baltimore Police Department pledged it’s support to help the Liberia National Police in the areas of capacity building and trainings.

Col. Massaquoi while in the United States visited the JOHNS Hopkins Burn Center in Baltimore, Maryland where he met Officer Henry Cole of the Liberia National Police, a victim of late night acid water attacked at his home while asleep. Officer Cole has been in USA undergoing medical treatment. He praised the Director Police for the visit describing it as rewarding.



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