Making The Mali Mission A Success

YESTERDAY, A PLATOON of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) left the country to contribute to the ongoing political uprising in Mali, a situation which has claimed the lives of hundreds of citizens of that West African state.

PRIOR TO THE departure of the strong AFL soldiers, the Ministry of national Defense issued a release in which it noted that Liberia’s step was taken to quickly respond to the devastating political crisis in Mali which has the propensity of spreading to other neighboring countries in the sub-region.

THE LIBERIAN SOLDIERS are to join the Africa International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) to undertake a successful peace mission in that country. According to the Executive Mansion, the Liberian platoon will be aligned with the Nigerian battalion, with first Lieutenant Waka to serve as Commander of the platoon Unit. This means that Liberia’s Mission in Mali will be the first time since 52 years.

LIBERIA IN 1961 provided troops to the UN peacekeeping force established under UN Security Council Resolution 143 of July 14, 1960 to respond to the Congo crisis. According to Deputy Defense Minister for Public Affairs at the Defense Ministry, Liberia’s Mission is not solely on peace-keeping.

WE WELCOME THE willingness on the part of the Liberian Government to send a platoon of the national army to undertake its second peace-keeping mission in the troubled West African state of Mali. The mission is indeed necessary and timely as it will boost Liberia’s peace process and show our concern for our sisterly countries.

THIS IS INDEED a sign of solidarity bearing in mind that Liberia was a victim of this senseless nightmare which devastated every fabric of the country including its human resource development, infrastructures and its national heritage.

ON THE OTHER hand, we call on our sisters and brothers who are embarking on this journey of peace in Mali to serve as true ambassadors for their country. Let the gallant men and women of the AFL exhibit a sense of nationalism and patriotism as they carry Liberia’s flag in that country by exhibiting good behavior as national soldiers.

WE BELIEVE THAT whatsoever our soldiers do in Mali whether good or bad will definitely reflect on the country’s image as they are the direct representatives of Liberia during their stay in that country. That is why we are pleading with them to be good ambassadors while in Mali.

IF THE AFL exhibits good behavior, all Liberians will be proud of them but if they go contrary then it will have a negative impact not only on the soldiers themselves, but the entire country as they are there in the name of Liberia and not themselves.

AGAIN, WE APPEAL for a successful mission in Mali which can only be achieved if our soldiers indeed exhibit patriotism and nationalism by putting their country’s interest above personal aggrandizement, which is exhibiting a high degree of professionalism and upholding their ethics as soldiers and by upholding those values instilled in them by their leaders. If that is done, we believe Liberia will have a successful mission in Mali.