Liberian Turkish Light International School Awards Several Students

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Liberian Turkish Light International School situated on 24th Street on last Thursday held its 7th convocation ceremony at the Paynesville Town Hall outside Monrovia with the awarding and certification of several students that performed beyond expectation. The program also included students from other schools that participated in the Light International School Mathematics Competition.

According to the Vice Principal of the Light International School, Madam Linda Dean, there were several competitions organized by the Light International School over the last school year which boosted the morale of the Institution.

Madam Dean said, the Light International School sponsored several students of the Institutions to participate in International Competitions in Nigeria, Turkey amongst other countries which the students returned with various laurels including bronze, silvers, something she said has put the institution on par with other International Institutions around the World.

In the Light International School VP’s proclamation, she indicated that several students including Arunothai Sheera Vambo, a 7th Grade student of the Light International School contested in an International Olympia held in Turkey and won a bronze medal, putting Liberia on the world Map.

In other competitions, to show transparency in the educational sector of Liberia, Madam Dean said the Institution organized a mathematics competition for students from different Institutions which led to three students winning, taking first, second and third places respectively.

The Mathematics competition organized by the Light International School for other schools saw three students, Anchalaa Jha, a sixth grade student of the Child Development Academy, Harry F. Choloply of the Christ the King Catholic School and Samuel Davis of the Child Development Academy winning awards.

According to Madam Linda Dean, the students who won brought pride to their schools and their parents who she said set good examples for students to emulate, thus lifting their heads up high above sky limits.

She said student Anchalaa Jha of CDA took the first place, receiving an amount of US$300.00 for herself, USD$150 for her Mathematics Instructor and US$150.00 to her school’s Administrator. Student Harry F. Choloply of the Christ the KingĀ  came second in the competition and won an amount of US$200.00 for himself, US$100.00 to his Mathematics Instructor and US$100.00 given to his administrator and Samuel Davis came third, winning US$.100.00 with USD$50.00 to his Mathematics Instructor and US$50.00 to his school’s administrators.

Meanwhile, the parents of Harry F. Choloply have lauded the Light International School’s Administration for the competition which they said was in the right direction and could promote the educational standard of Liberia.

They are however admonishing parents to keep keen attentions on their children for the better future of the children. They further stated that the educational foundation of the child determines whether the child will become a good product of society.

First place winner, student Jha said her plan is to keep the focus and win more awards in the future to make her parents’ proud. Anchalaa said her dream is to keep winning and keeping the torch of light burning as a brilliant step.