Lack Of Co-operation May Hamper July 26 Celebration

By Varney K. Sirleaf

With just over a month to the celebration of the 166th Independence, the host city, Tubmanburg in Western Liberia is still not prepared to host this major event.

According to the Co-Chair of the July 26 Committee, Mr. H. Tarnue Cooper, said that the committee is not getting the cooperation of the Central Government in releasing funds for projects earmarked for the celebration.

“Up till now the Caucus and other county officials have not come to one understanding to sign the resolution which will allow the government to release funding,” Rep. Cooper explained.

When the Development Superintendent was contacted, he stated that the county is doing everything she can to have a successful celebration amidst the continuous criticisms by citizens of the county.

Assist. Supt. Davis further stated that the County authority is not getting funding from the Central government to help fast track the projects before July.

He said that they are only making use of the County Development funds, Social Development funds to carry on the county initiated projects.

“We are making all efforts to make sure that this program be a success. Western Cluster is helping us to grade the community roads within Tubmanburg and connect other feeder roads in the county,” Mr. Davis said.

He further stated that because of the delay by the Ministry of Finance to release funds intended for the Independence Day projects, everything is almost at a standstill.

For his part, Mr. Victor Johnson who is one of the youth leaders in Tubmanburg, expressed his disappointment in the way things are being done at a slow pace. Mr. Johnson said that Tubmanburg now does not even represent a place to host a national event.

“We are completely disenchanted by the way our leaders are handling this thing because the city is filthy; the main street in the city has deteriorated and there is no organization; we cannot understand anything,” he angrily explained.

Other citizens who were also asked on the issue all expressed disappointment on the government’s approach towards their county. They said that if a government they voted for is not concerned about them, they have no interest in the celebration of a July 26 in dirt, poverty and hunger.

The citizens explained further that the President of the Country hails from Bomi, the Speaker hails from Bomi and other top officials of government including the wife of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai all from Bomi County but are all dormant to help develop the county.

“What is the benefit of having all those top officials of government hailing from your county and still underdeveloped?” they asked.

They also said there are no signs of light poles planted by the Liberia Electricity Corporation; there are no sign of Public Works since the demolition last year on the major streets of Tubmanburg.

Meanwhile, preparations are ongoing in Grand Cape Mount for the Independence Day celebration. This year’s event will be co-hosted by the three counties, Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount with Tubmanburg as the central point for the main celebration.

It can be recorded that the July 26 celebration in Western Liberia was cancelled last year and transferred to Monrovia.