Chickens, Eggs Production Ready In Lofa…Agriculture Miister, FAO Combine Efforts

An intensive training in the production and management of poultry for rural women with focus on bird management, brooding, feed formulation and feeding, and practical hygiene and sanitation control for chicks, layers and broilers, jointly implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), ended over the week in Voinjama,  Lofa County.

The training is a result of FAO commitment in providing technical and infrastructural support to the government of Liberia through its agricultural sector recovery and development initiatives as well as the increasing agricultural production and the development of agri-business that would lead improved nutritional and living standards of people in Lofa County, thereby constructing three poultry houses.

According to the Coordinator of Livestock, Ms. Seklau Wiles, forty-five female participants mostly supporting heads of 300 household poultry farmers from Zorzor, Voinjama and Foya Districts benefited the knowledge-sharing exercise and also recipients of the facilities. The training was facilitated by Chinese Veterinarians from the South-South Cooperation, Ethiopian vet Dr. Etag D. Belay of Price Trading Liberian, Inc, staff of Agriculture Ministry and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

In his remarks, FAO Country Representative, Jean Alexandre Scaglia reiterated FAO’s commitment in making agriculture one of the top priorities of government, pointing, Liberia needs farmers to produce local eggs and poultry meat.  Mr. Scaglia in closing, assured the women of Lofa that if they want to undertake any project of priority to Liberians, the assistance will be provided.

Meanwhile, Assistant Agriculture Minister for Regional Development, Research & Extension, Paul Jallah has stressed government’s commitment to strengthen all sectors of agriculture key priority. He emphasized that Agriculture Minister, Dr. Florence Chenoweth’s willingness and commitment in training more poultry farmers to manage these facilities to produce eggs and home-made poultry meat that would provide source of protein, and income generation for poultry farmers.  Zorzor, Foya and Voinjama poultry houses combined are stocked with 1500 layer chickens and 6000 broilers for massive production of meat and eggs in the region.

Ground breaking for each of the US$68,000 construction of modern poultry facilities was done in 2012 by government and the Food and Agriculture Organization, and supervised by Preston Anderson, National Consultant of the Poultry Project.