CDC C’ttee Wants Edward Forh Expelled

By Alva M. Wolokolie

The corruption saga between Representative Edward Forh of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Montserrado County District #16 and the dismissed Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpaan has finally landed in the hands of the party’s executive to take a decision.

The committee set up by the CDC to investigate Forh who is also an executive member of the Party in the corruption saga Friday at a news conference presented its findings to the Party.

In its findings the committee said, Rep. Forh refused to cooperate with the investigation by not attending a meeting called by them to hear his side of the story on the allegation of bribe taking.

The committee in its report also said, it had meeting with the accuser Grace Kpaan where they got copy of the recording and other information that helped them in the investigation.

Among other things, the committee recommended the following; that findings of the investigation be published in the local dailies, that the party denounces, condemns and disassociates itself from the act committed by Forh, that Forh be expelled from the CDC on the basis of moral and ethical decadence and that the party prepares a code of conduct for party officials to guide itself in the re-occurrence of such saga.

The committee also recommended that the party takes strong action against members of the Party Caucus who had kept silent since the occurrence of the incident.

The report was presented to the committee by Mr. Lewis Wright, a member of the committee which was chaired by Mr. J. Forkey Sieh to Mr. Mulbah Morlu Vice chair for operation of the Congress for Democratic Change.

Receiving the committee report on behalf of the party’s Executive Committee Morlu commended the Committee for its effort and promised to forward the report to the CDC Executive Committee.

Morlu said, the establishment of the committee was to express the party’s zero tolerance against the ills of the society especially corruption something he said the Sirleaf government has failed to tackle.

He assured members of the committee and the party that recommendations presented by the committee will not be taken lightly.

“I can assure you that the executive committee will do the right thing by exhibiting the party’s zero tolerance against corruption, we are holding the feet of this leadership to the fire on corruption issue so we will also not be tolerant of those same vices in our own institution and we are opting for the chairman to call an extra ordinary executive committee meeting to deliberate the matter expeditiously to publish the committee findings,” Morlu stated.

Morlu also disclosed that in his personal capacity to take a decision on the matter he would endorse the committee’s report but promised to hold comments until the executive committee meeting shall have deliberated.

When contacted Forh refused to speak to reporters but said, the information about his expulsion was a normal thing as he was expelled by the past.

Representative Edward Forh came in the spotlight of alleged corruption when a secret recording (you Eat I Eat)  was broadcast by the then enbattlee Montserrado County Superintendent Grace Kpaan who was under pressure from the Montserrado County Legislative Caucus to pay money allotted in the county budget for scholarship students.

In the recording a voice which Forh admitted was his was heard plotting with the then Superintendent to steal over four hundred thousand United States Dollars that was intended for county development projects.

After the broadcast of the secret recording by Kpaan who was fighting back Forh admitted having such conversation with her but termed it as a stupid joke.

Plenary also set up a committee to investigate the corruption saga; the committee chaired by Representative Garyah Karmo of Bomi County presented its preliminary report to plenary.

The Garyah Committee said, it could not go forward with its investigation because the matter was at the Supreme Court who placed stay order on the matter.