RIA To Be Modernized…As Equatorial Guinea Pledges Support

 RIA To Be Modernized...As Equatorial Guinea Pledges Support

By: Antoinette Sendolo (Intern)

In an effort to help develop post war Liberia, the government of Equatorial Guinea   through the effort of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has promised to work on the modernization of the Robert’s International Airport and provide low cost housing in country.

The agreement came as a result of the President’s recent visit to the country in order to discuss matters of interest to Liberia. However, a technical team is expected to arrive soon from Equatorial Guinea for assessment. The Low cost housing process will be targeting at least four counties across the country.

Speaking at the Ministry of information regular press briefing in Monrovia, Minister Lewis Brown described the effort of the President as a perfect means of getting Liberia back to its original status.

He said with the low cost housing in Liberia, less fortunate Liberians will no longer have to complain of place to be.

He noted that having a low cost housing is very paramount to Liberia because it will help reduce the rate of homeless people in the country.

Minister Brown also described the effort of Equatorial Guinea to build a modern airport as a great opportunity for Liberia.

He however called on every Liberian to support the effort of Equatorial Guinea and forget about all their political differences.