Dead Baby’s Mother Charged With Murder

By C. Winnie Saywah

Police in Monrovia have charged a resident of the ELWA Community, Gifty Washington for the commission of the crime of Murder, a felony of the first degree under the Liberian Jurisdiction.

Suspect Washington, 19, is suspected of throwing her baby, Marthaline Washington, into a well on May 28, 2013 even though she has not made any statement since her arrest and subsequent investigation.

The charge sheet obtained from the police stated that she was charged based on witnesses’ testimonies, the crime scene investigation as well as her refusal to speak.

The detail of offence stated that on Sunday May 26, 2013, suspect Washington went to sell early hours and returned at mid-day and when she was asked about the market money, she admitted that her boy friend took it away.

Witnesses explained that it was confirmed that her boyfriend took the money and on that same day suspect Washington left the house again and returned at about 9 p.m. and due to her constant habit of sleeping out of the house, her mother asked her to leave her room and sleep with her father.

She apparently went mad and went into the room and took her baby but she was resisted from taking the child with her to no avail only to find the baby dumped into a well the next morning.

Investigation continues.