Big Korean Investment Underway

By C. Winnie Saywah

A delegation of Korean businesses referred to as Make Group or Make Holding Limited is currently in the country and is carrying out consultations with the Liberian government to invest in the construction of an industry complex which will be the largest on the continent.

Outlining plans already packaged by Make Group, the chairperson of the Make Group Proprietor, James Juhee Han said the delegation has come to Liberia with a specific business architect to begin the construction of the industry complex immediately upon the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and approval of the Liberian government.

Mr. Han said the MOU comprises of long and mid-term projects which addresses a clear mandate and vision of Make Group where young people will get immediate vocational training and hand-on access to information technology.

He said the industry complex which will be autonomously run and industriously managed pictures investing dollars surmounting to the fiscal budget all put together will have a design of industrial and residential zones among other things.

The head of the delegation also said if the MOU is approved, the building materials will be shipped immediately to begin the construction of the factory which will begin making all products for the industry complex right in Liberia.

He disclosed that the complex will be comprised of mobile and car manufacturing company as well as professional vocational engineering company and that 1,000 Liberians will get vocational training per annual and that they will be recruited from all regions of the country.

The Make Group chairperson said the complex construction will be well underway two-three years following the signing of the MOU and that in the period of six years lots of investment and job opportunities will be provided to Liberians and Liberia.

Mr. Han said their investment has no specific interest attached rather they are keen on leaving a trade mark in Liberia because the leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has dispelled notions that Africa lacks good leadership roles.

He said they particularly want to be part of the Liberian government’s legacy by displaying in Liberia what Korea is made of and exposing how steadfast and fast it has grown in development adding, “We are impressed with the leadership of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirelaf and Vice President Joseph Boakai and how Liberians are aspiring for development.”

Already, 325 acres of land is expected to be secured for the Korean industry complex which will be a show-off of the Liberian challenge to what the Make Group has packaged to offer in terms of constructing a vocational school, an IT Center as well as second-to-none road networks.