At RLJ Lodge: Liberian Worker Assaulted By South African

An official of the Robert L. Johnson has been summoned to court for assaulting a Liberian worker also an employee of the same entity.

According to Justin Monger, the victim, a South African national, Timothy Fountain assaulted him while carrying out his normal duties at the RLJ Lodge outside Monrovia. Monger complained that while working, he was called by Mr. Fountain to do some work but informed him (Timothy) that he was working for the entity and upon completion of his duty he will join them something that annoyed Mr. Fountain.

Mr. Fountain has been summoned by the Paynesville Magisterial Court by his accuser for assaulting another person. The plaintiff accused Mr. Fountain of physically attacking him which led to his leg being disjointed.

The incident which is reported to have occurred on Friday of last week, sparked when victim Monger allegedly refused an order from the South African national to carry on a task while he was already doing another in the interest of the institution.

According to Mr. Monger’s version of the incident, he was rudely approached by the South African during the exchanges between the two of them; something which generated into a physical confrontation, The account furthered that Fountain, over taken by uncontrolled rage, in the process, knocked victim Monger down to the floor.

During preliminary hearing, lawyers for defendant Fountain appealed for trial to be referred to Friday, the 14th of June, 2013.

Prior to registering of the appeal from the defense team, the prosecution charged Fountain with Terrorism Threat, and Human Rights Violation.” Presenting its ease during the preliminary hearing, the prosecution called for a speedy trial of the case due to the fact that they were reliably informed that the defendant is presently in the possession of a United States visa and if proper care is not taken, he could abscond the country, without facing the law.

The defense named the Bureau of Immigration and Nationalization, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as its primary sources of the alleged tip off. But the defense team denied the US visa issue and vowed to present their client in court at the appropriate time deem necessary by the court.

Upon hearing the two sides of the argument, the court ordered that Mr. Fountain be incarcerated and send to the Monrovia Central Prison, pending the official opening of the case on June 14.

In an effort to save their man from going behind bars, the defense filed a bond to the court.

Meanwhile, Mr. Monger has vowed to take his ease to a higher court if he does not get a fair hearing.