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For Murdering Wife 3 Yrs Ago: Jealous Husband Found Guilty

A unanimous guilty verdict has been stamped on defendant John Kollie who confessed judgment for murdering his wife Garmai Kollie in a local motel in the Soul Clinic Community on account of suspicion since 2010.

According to Judge Blamo Dixon’s charge to the jurors, defendant Kollie did enter a guilty plea when the two-count indictment was read to him on May 23, 2013 at the onset of the trial but the court had to enter a plea of ‘Not Guilty’ so that the trial could be proceeded with in keeping with the statute which declares that murder is a capital offense.

Judge Dixon explained that with wicked and premeditated intent which describe murder under the Liberian law, defendant Kollie made his way to the hotel, a place established to hold conferences, meetings, a temporary dwelling for travelers as well as to carry out sexual activities with a kitchen knife.

He further said the defendant wrote a detailed voluntary statement during the investigation which was produced into evidence, a statement he corroborated during his testimony and that he also waived his right to a legal counsel when he escaped the crime scene to a garage where he stayed for a day and later narrated his ordeal to a friend in the same garage before his subsequent arrest.

Following his detailed explanation of how the trial was proceeded with and how witnesses testimonies supported each other during the jury trial, Judge Dixon concluded his charge to the jury in this manner; “If you are satisfied with the evidence produced and adduced in the case by the prosecution in keeping with your conscience, then you will bring defendant John Kollie down guilty for the commission of the alleged crime of murder or criminal attempt to commit murder otherwise you know what to do.”

Defendant Kollie who claimed to have been married to the late Garmai age 30, murdered her on accusation of having an ongoing affair with one Pascal Kaba. On December 4, defendant Kollie got a tip off that Pascal and Garmai were in the Dekegal Entertainment Center which contains a motel in the Soul Clinic Community and he went there at about 9-10 p.m.

Defendant Kollie knocked on the door and when Pascal answered, Kollie without hesitation kicked the door opened and as fighting ensured, he slapped Garmai twice and he pulled out the kitchen knife which he used to stab both of them several times.

While in that act, Pascal was already escaping, but he Kollie ran behind him thereby stabbing him twice again and escaped for fear and safety in a garage.

He told the court that his informants confided in him that Pascal even used to sleep in his marital bed whenever he went out of town but that on that fateful day, he saw them going towards the motel and that he took their kitchen knife and slowly followed them. During his testimony in open court, defendant Kollie claimed that he did not mean to kill his wife and begged the court to have mercy upon him.

During the trial, prosecution produced five witnesses and admitted into evidence the clothes that were worn by the deceased and her alleged boyfriend Pascal on that fateful day including other suspects constituting the Coroner Jury report while defendant Kollie was the lone witness for the defense.

The defense lawyer whose argument was that his client was not given the right to a legal counsel at every stage of the proceeding interposed no objection when the unanimous guilty verdict brought down by the trial jury was announced but the State lawyers said nothing justifies murder.

Meanwhile, the court, which is the judge of the law, will shortly hand down its verdict into the matter in accordance with jury trial procedure.



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