A Better Coordination Is necessary In The Entertainment Industry

YESTERDAY, SOME GROUP of Liberian artists who walked into the offices of this paper raised serious concern over what they called the emerging of a new group under the banner of the Arts & Culture Council of Liberia.

THE LIBERIAN ARTISTS said that includes musicians, firm producers and actors and that the establishment of the Arts & Culture Council of Liberia is fraudulent and does not in any way represent the views and aspirations of the entertainment industry of Liberia.

IN SEPARATE INTERVIEWS with some of the artists and actresses, they complained that Kona Khasu who is the brain behind the newly established group did not inform any member of the entertainment industry about the establishment of the group but fraudulently solicited signatures from members of the group as signatories to the document that was crafted.

THE GROUP OF Liberian artists said the declaration of the Arts & Culture does not in any way represent them and are therefore calling on the public not to give credence to the document.

AT THE SAME time, the Liberian artists said they have planned a national conference to be spearheaded by the Liberian Senate to adopt a resolution that will represent the views of all Liberian artists. According to the Liberian artists, the conference was proposed by the Senate Committee on Arts & Culture headed by Maryland County Senator, John Ballout.

OUR VIEW ON this issue is that every member and group making up of the entertainment industry must be included in any activity that would be undertaken by anyone or group that will use their nomenclature in carrying out any activity.

WE SUPPORT THE participatory method because it is through that method that those who are members of such groups will have the time to express their views and that the views and aspirations of the participants will be known whether they dislike or like what is to happen in such organization.

THE LIBERIAN ENTERTAINMENT must come together for the betterment of the organization and for the promotion of our country’s culture and fine arts works. This is not about only the artists but the entire country because anything that will tend to disrupt this segment of the society will affect everyone especially those of us who love our country and the entertainment industry.

LET THERE BE better coordination and team work in the entertainment industry because anything short of that will be counterproductive to the growth and development of this very important industry. Those in the arts and entertainment industry we believe are not politicians and therefore, must do everything possible to improve and be on par with others the world over.

AGAIN, WE ARE admonishing our entertainers that indeed they are entertainers and not politicians and therefore, must come together and promote the arts and culture industry through better coordination and teamwork.

IF OTHER MEMBERS of the entertainment industry were left out of the crafting of the document, we demand that they be included so that our culture and entertainment industry can move forward because Liberia needs all to catch up with our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.