Curran Lutheran Hospital Disagrees With MAP Int’l

The Curran Lutheran Hospital (CLH) in Lofa County has disagreed with recent statement by Medical Assistance Program International (MAP-International) of donating US$13. 2 millions worth of drugs and medical supplies to them and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW).

In a joint press release issued on June 6, 2013, along with the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) the Hospital’s Board of Directors put the grand total for shipment of items it received in a 20-foot container at US$30,000.00, as per the letter of donation (gift certificate), with no commercial value of the drugs and medical supplies.

According to the press release, signed by the Board Secretary and Administrator, Mr. Peter Flomo, the recent publication in the In Profile Daily and broadcast on ELBC and UNMIL about a US13.2million worth of drugs and medical supplies to the MOHSW and CLH is an embarrassment to the hospital and the LCL.

It said their attention is not drawn to the US$13.2 million as a whole, but is drawn on Curran Lutheran Hospital’s alleged share of the amount stated above.The release clarified that MAP dispatched a 20-foot container loaded with assorted medical supplies through Sealand Shipping & Stevedoring Corporation to the LCL for use by CLH.

Flomo stressed, “Plans to distribute these items was pending, due to logistical problem until on May 27, 2013, when President and CEO of MAP International, Michael Nyenhuis in a turnover ceremony of the drugs and medical supplies held at the MOHSW head offices deliberated vociferously gesticulating the CLH’s share of the donated items valued at US$6,845,735.00 million as opposed to US$30,000.00 which has drawn our attention and raised eyebrows in some quarters in the society and beyond.”

The release indicated that MAP International’s claim about said amount is unique (not an oversight), according to the US market; even so, it still contradicts the value on the bill of lading that escorted the container to Liberia.

“From our point of view, we believe that MAP International’s claim of US$6million donation is false and embarrassing to the recipient,” Flomo continued in the release.

However, the Management of CLH, in consultation with the LCL and other stakeholders, has resolved to return the offer to MAP International since the two figures of donation cannot be easily reconciled.

“We want to be emphatically clear to the public that our decision to turn this donation over is in no way intended to blackmail the donor or center on malice against the donor, or a show of independence on the part of CLH, rather our decision comes to secure a space for future partnership, to maintain the existing partnerships with all partners very carefully and to uphold the character and integrity of the CLH which she has built over the years,” the CLH administration maintained.

It however appreciates the work that MAP Int’l has done to improve Liberia’s health sector and looks forward to a continuous constructive and rewarding future partnership.Recently, MAP during a turning over ceremony announced the donation of a US$13.2 millions worth of drugs and medical supplies to the MOHSW and the CLH to assist over 250,000 people suffering from a disease called “Buruli Ulcer”.

Medical Assistance Program International is a global Christian health organization that partners with people and institutions to save lives and develop healthier families and communities.