The Police Must Be Empowered

INVESTIGATION CONDUCTED BY The INQUIRER has revealed that there are no operational vehicles at several police depots across the city of Monrovia.

THE INQUIRER HAS also learnt that many of the depots in Monrovia including those in Gardnersville and the Bushrod Island have no vehicles for night patrol or to enable the police at the various Zones and Depots combat criminal activities across the city.

SOME OF THE Depot Commanders who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity disclosed that they have no vehicles to carry out their operations of combating crime in the city. The Bushrod Island and Gardnersville are areas believed to be more affected by criminal activities.

THE DEPOT COMMANDERS said Government has not made available operational Pick-ups or other vehicles and logistics to empower them fight the high wave of criminal activities something that is creating serious concern amongst Liberians who usually fall victims to criminals who maraud the city especially at night to carry out their criminal activities.

MEANWHILE, WHEN CONTACTED, Police Director for Operations, Abel Kromah confirmed the lack of vehicles to the various depots in the city especially on the Bushrod Island and in Gardnersville and other depots in Monrovia.

Director Kromah who spoke to The INQUIRER by mobile phone on Sunday said the Police are doing everything possible to ensure that vehicles be assigned to all of the depots in the country.

HE SAID THE target of the police now is to deal with the situation in the rural areas for which some vehicles have been procured. He noted that the LNP is now in the process of soliciting assistance in the form of vehicles for the urban areas.

DIRECTOR KROMAH SAID presently, the Police is trying to provide a vehicle to each of the counties and that Monrovia’s situation will be dealt with accordingly.

DIRECTOR KROMAH AMONG other things said while the Police is concerned about the lack of logistics for the police, they are doing everything possible to fight crimes through strategies being put into place by the head of the police.

OUR APPEAL TO the authorities of the LNP is that logistics including vehicles must be provided to the police to enable them combat the high wave of criminal activities that is emerging again in the country especially in the city of Monrovia.

IF WHAT WE are hearing is true then it is so sad because we think that the security sector must be the target of the Liberian Government as we all know that the country is just emerging from a devastating civil conflict and that the security sector needs all of the supports to combat criminal activities in the country.

ALTHOUGH THE DEPUTY Director has said that they are putting into place strategies to combat crimes in Liberia we believe that for the police to be more effective, there is a need to provide them with more vehicles to enable them deal with some of these issues.

WHILE WE TRUST the police for the assurance, we are also cognizant of the fact that criminals are very crafty and can move into any community without knowing their presence until the damage is done and that is why we want the police to be mobile to carry out their duties in saving lives and properties.