Light International Students Win Bronze Medals In ISO Olympiad

Three students and a teacher of the Liberian Turkish Light International School have returned home with bronze medals after their participation in the International Science Olympiad (ISO) in Abuja, Nigeria.

The competition was for only senior high students and started on May 26-31, 2013 and focused in four areas which include Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, and Biology with students from 20 countries and three continents participating in the competition.

Nathalie Gbaba, Miriam Katta, 10th grader, and Walter J. Dean, 11th grader were the three students that joined students from 20 countries from Africa, Asia, and Europe who participated in the Science Olympiad.

Student Gbaba described the competition as tough but they did their best for the country and their school.

“The competition was great and tough because we went against our fellow Africans and students from other continents; but thank God we were counted among the successful students at the end of the competition.”

Miriam Katta acknowledged that the science competition was very challenging; but nevertheless she and her comrades did not return home with empty hands.

“We came home with bronze medals after the competition heads put together our points scored in the four areas that we engaged other students in and so we are thankful to God through whose power we were able to take part in the competition and return home safely,” Katta narrated.

The students paid homage to their parents and the school administration for the opportunity provided them for participating in such a major international science competition and hoped that the same kind of opportunity will be provided for other students.

When contacted, the school administration said they already had plans to extend similar opportunity to students of other schools, something which, they said, will continue to put Liberia on the academic world map.