Weah’s Peace Initiative Gets Support

The Movement for Reconciliation & Reunification of Sinoe Citizens (MORRISIC) has expressed gratitude and delight over the number of steps that have taken place for genuine peace and reconciliation in the country.

In a communication to Liberia’s Peace Ambassador, George Weah, dated May 15, 2013, the group through its Founder/Executive Director, Rev. Joe Cheyetee Jarwleh, pledged its support to Mr. Weah as he endeavors to promote reconciliation and national healing amongst Liberians.

In the communication to the Liberian Peace Ambassador, MORRISIC said the organization was established on May 14, 2012 to reconcile and reunite the people of Sinoe County.

According to Mr. Jarwleh, historically, the two tribes in Sinoe County (Kru & Sarpo) co-existed peacefully prior to the war but according him, unfortunately, since the civil crisis the people of Sinoe have been divided on tribal lines and the need for genuine reconciliation in the county is paramount.

Given the division in the county, all Sinoeans are fully supporting the dreams and aspirations of the organization.

The group has at the same time appreciated the peace and reconciliation plan by Mr. Weah to launch the Liberian reconciliation process for which he (Weah) has invited several of the 1995 European best players from June 20-22, 2013.

“We understand that the process will include sports festival, one day musical concert, one day consultative reconciliation dialogue with religious and civil society leaders and other national stakeholders. The movement for reconciliation & Reunification of Sinoe citizens (MORRIC) has begun discussion among the people of Sinoe to ensure the total participation of the county in this national endeavor which is slated for June 20-22, 2013,” the group averred.

According to Mr. Jarwleh, the organization is inspired and energized by Weah’s statement that “national reconciliation in Liberia cannot be a one man effort but a united determination of every Liberian with support from institutions and partners of Liberia who have interest in its stability.

“The people of Sinoe County, through the movement for Reconciliation & Reunification of Sinoe citizens have vowed to work cooperatively with your office to ensure that Liberians are reconciled and reunified for the development of the country,” Jarwleh added.

MORRISIC said it has resolved to launch the occasion in Sinoe County and also organize series of activities befitting the day. “We need a support from your office to make the occasion a success,” the group added.