“Veto Democracy Sustainability Bill”…FIND Tells Pres. Sirleaf

By: Timothy T. Seaklon

The Foundation for International Dignity (FIND), a pro-democracy group has described as ‘disappointing’ the passage of the Democracy Sustainability Bill by the National Legislature.    FIND said the bill is counter-productive to the economic development of the country especially at a time when the Government of Liberia (GOL) is talking about a ‘Budget Short-fall.’

FIND’s Executive Director, Roosevelt Woods, told a news conference in Monrovia yesterday that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should veto the said bill because it has an economic implication when many Liberians especially those living in the hinterland of the country cannot afford a meal a day.

Mr. Woods said when the bill was passed in August 2012 by the House of Representatives, FIND wrote the Liberian Senate urging the honorable body not to concur. The FIND Officials said surprisingly the said bill was concurred by the Senate, saying, “It is very disappointing.”

The FIND Executive said at the time when the pro-democracy group wrote the Liberian Senate not to concur with the House of Representatives, that honorable body was also advised to institute a public debate where the general populace would have had a say in the passage of the bill.

Mr. Woods said disappointingly, the Liberian Senate ignored the request of the pro-democracy group and went ahead to pass the bill. “They had no consultation with their various constituencies but passed the bill without the input of the Liberian people. It is frustrating,” Mr. Woods said in a serious mood.

He said prior to the passage, there has been a serious public out-cry against the bill, but it appears that members of the National Legislature are insensitive to the plight of the Liberian people who are below the poverty line and cannot sustain themselves before sustaining a “ Democracy Sustainability Bill.”

The FIND Boss told journalists that unlike the Dual Citizenship Bill for which the National Legislature is asking for expert opinion, this Democracy Sustainability Bill is a bill for which no expert was called in to give an opinion.

He said FIND is currently in the process of black-listing those who fought for the passage of this bill which has the propensity of worsening the economic problems of the Liberian people.

Mr. Woods who appeared very serious during the thirty-five minutes press conference held at FIND on the Capitol By-Pass said, “This bill is about money eating. It is the same I eat, you eat story and we are pleading with President Sirleaf to veto same.”

Mr. Woods told journalists that the bill is suicidal for those in the National Legislature since they cannot seek the welfare of those who elected them but themselves describing the Legislators as “anti-democratic and self-centered.”

Mr. Woods said when the legislators that pushed this bill are black-listed by FIND, their various constituencies will be serious awareness not to re-elect them to public office because they are insensitive to the plights of the suffering masses that cannot afford a decent daily meal.

Recently, the National Legislature (the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate) passed the Democracy Sustainability Bill which is currently awaiting the signature of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to be made a Law within the Republic of Liberia.