Bomi Youths Blast Ellen On Archbishop Francis

Bomi Youths Blast Ellen On Archbishop Francis

The Bomi Youth Federation has descended on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her alleged absenteeism at the funeral rites of the fallen Catholic Archbishop, Michael Francis.

The late Archbishop Francis and President Sirleaf hail from Bomi County but the Bishop died recently and his funeral service was held last Saturday without the participation of President Sirleaf who left for Japan.

In a release issued by the Bomi Youth Federation, the youth group described the Liberian leader as an unnecessary embarrassment to the peace loving people of Bomi County.

“It can be recalled that President Sirleaf, in a true confession session in the United States, stated that she came to state power through an unorthodox manner; a statement that seriously impeached on the integrity of our county that she claims to hail from,” the group noted.

According to them, recently, President Sirleaf was seen strongly fighting against freedom of the Press when her senior bodyguard and in-law Othello Warrick threatened to use his guns to go after journalists perceived to be critical of the Presidency.


“This too, was a serious embarrassment to the people of Bomi County, who has always supported traditional free speech and other tenets of democracy,” the Bomi Youths averred.

They noted, “Today, we still mourn the loss of a senior citizen of our county, and a national hero who is referred to by many as the conscience of the nation.

In the wake of this loss of a brother, a father, a nationalist, a patriot, and a native of Bomi County, that is supposed to claim national attention but this woman President chose to go on a travel safari thereby blatantly ignoring not only this national mourning, but a traditional practice of our county that requires the standing presence of the head of the town in these defining moments of bereavement.

The Bomi Youths said the President’s action will not go free adding, “This woman President will be equally chastised by the relevance of our traditional practices and will be strongly resisted by the conscious class who know too well the real character of President Sirleaf and her cronies.”

“Let it be stated in the clearest of tones that the people of Bomi County do not appreciate the scheming tactics of President Sirleaf, and that we know too well her disloyalty exhibition to the county since her ascendency to the Presidency,” the youths said.

They said President Sirleaf has had absolutely no impact on the county, as the county of the President still lacks good roads, health care system, schools, a single commercial bank, among others.

“The question then remains; what will President Sirleaf be remembered for by the people of Bomi County? Tubman’s legacy still lives in Maryland, Tolbert’s legacy still lives in Bentol, Doe’s legacy still remains in Grand Gedeh; what will President Sirleaf be remembered for?” they asked.

According to them, President Sirleaf must be aware that she will not meet the normal stage-managed lip-service embraced from planted citizens of her cronies during the upcoming independence celebration adding, “Instead, she will be greeted with the strongest of truth; and that truth remains that she is the single-most embarrassment to the people of Bomi County.”