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Buttressing Amb. Weah’s Call

THE POLITICAL LEADER of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Liberia Peace Ambassador, Mr. George M. Weah has called on Liberians to assist in ensuring that lasting peace and reconciliation work in the country.

AMBASSADOR WEAH SAID the peace Liberians enjoy today must be made practical by all. He said it requires the effort of all Liberians to ensure that lasting peace and reconciliation is achieved in the country, saying, “As your Peace Ambassador I will need your full support to achieve that goal.”

THE LIBERIA’S PEACE Ambassador spoke last Friday when he went to the J. Darpoe Reeves Community in Gardnersville to attend the wake Keeping of Mrs. Florence Munah Reeves, the late wife of CDC Montserrado County Vice Chairman for Administration, Mr. Emmett K. Reeves Jr.

AMBASSADOR WEAH TOLD the audience that although he went to sympathize with Mr. Emmett K. Reeves Jr., it is important that all Liberians get their hands on board in the peace building and reconciliation process. “I am willing to entertain your views and the possibility exists that we may disagree to agree in a bid to ensure true peace and reconciliation in our beloved country,” he intimated.

WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with the statement by Mr. Weah that every Liberian must assist in ensuring that lasting peace and reconciliation work in the country. The issues of peace and reconciliation are in no doubt the problems of everyone because in the absence of lasting peace and reconciliation, there can be no development.

THOUGH MR. WEAH was appointed by the President of Liberia as an Ambassador of Peace, Weah is just a single individual who alone cannot bring peace in the country. Also the issue of national reconciliation is everyone’s business especially the Government of Liberia who must put into place programs that will bring Liberians together.

THE PEACE AND reconciliation process that all Liberians have long yearned for must be done holistically and not the work of an individual considering the fact that everyone felt the scars of the nearly 14 years of conflict that devastated every fabric of our country.

WHILE WE ACCEPT the fact that Mr. Weah is Liberia’s Peace Ambassador charged with the responsibility to promote peace and reconciliation, his efforts must be buttressed by all well-meaning Liberians. The issues of peace and reconciliation must not be lips service things as has been in other sectors.

LET US AS Liberians practicalize this reconciliation process by supporting our young brother who is at the helm of this process because if Weah fails, we as peace loving Liberians will also fail and the end result might just be chaotic something we no longer wish for.

THAT IS WHY we are calling on all Liberians to support in the attainment of peace and especially the reconciliation process which we think the government has not really done enough.



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