V.P. Boakai Dedicates Liberia’s Largest Supermarket Complex

The Vice President of Liberia, Hon. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, has lauded the Management of T. Choithram & Sons (Liberia) Inc. for opening a branch of Exclusive Superstore at ELWA Junction in Paynesville, outside the city of Monrovia.

Vice President Boakai said such substantial investment was not only critically important for the development of the Liberian economy but also germane for the improvement of the lives of the Liberian people through jobs creation and provision of basic services to the entire community.

Vice President Boakai made these remarks on May 30, 2013, at program marking the Grand Opening of the Exclusive Superstore Complex in Paynesville.

Hon. Boakai stressed that the investment will also enable many citizens and residents of the Paynesville Community who over the years, never had access to such commercial entity to richly benefit from the many quality services of T. Choithram & Sons Inc. including the Exclusive Superstore in terms of meeting their shopping needs.

Vice President Boakai who also cut the ribbon to the Exclusive Superstore Complex during the occasion paid homage to the TCS Group including the Exclusive Superstore for its sacrifices.

He assured that the Government of Liberia (GOL), will continue to cherish its partnership with the private sector including the business community in the development of the country.

Earlier, Mr. K. H. Azad, Managing Director of T. Choithram & Sons (Liberia) Inc., welcomed with pleasure and satisfaction the invited guests who graced the occasion.

He recalled that T. Choithram & Sons was founded in the West African state of Sierra Leone in 1940.

Mr. Azad explained that a branch of the company was set up in Liberia in the 1970s.

He told the gathering that though the company, over the years, was faced with many challenges, but such impediments have been addressed based on the commitment and vision of the company to serve the Liberian nation.

In remarks, the Deputy Minister of Commerce, Ms. Candace B. Eastman, also praised the Management of T. Choithram & Sons (Liberia) Inc. for its latest investment, which she said, would significantly buttress the country’s jobs creation efforts and the empowerment of the Liberian people.

Deputy Minister Eastman used the occasion to assure GOL’s commitment to working with the private sector including the business community in enhancing and expanding such an encouraging partnership in the development of the Liberian economy.

Giving the vote of thanks at the occasion, M.R. Sharma, General Manager of T. Choithram & Sons Inc., expressed thanks and gratitude to the Vice president, Government officials and  guests for their graceful presence and encouragement.

The TCS Group of companies of which the Exclusive Superstore is a part was founded in 1940 by a prominent Indian national, the Late Thakurdas Choithram Pagarani.

The newly inaugurated Paynesville branch of the Exclusive Superstore Complex which is the largest supermarket in Liberia also contained an up-to-the-minute restaurant in which various kinds of mouth-watering food are on sale for affordable prices.

Program for the Grand Opening of the Exclusive Superstore complex was also graced by an array of local and foreign dignitaries including members of the diplomatic corps.

Officials and members of the Indian, Lebanese, Liberian, Fullahs, Chinese and other business communities were also in full attendance of the historic and colorful ceremonies.