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Over 26,000 Students Begin WAEC Today

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) will today begin conducting examinations to about 26,992 students from the senior high division across Liberia.

According to information released to this paper late yesterday evening, at least 416 high schools will be participating in the exercise which is intended to test the acumen of students who are being prepared from secondary levels to meet international educational standards.

The Council has called on all students to be in their examination halls not later than 10 A.M today and should also be aware that there will be mental devices visible to check students entering the hall with items that would be against the examination rules such as cellular phones and other foreign materials among others.

WAEC-Liberia is urging all candidates for the examinations to have an independent posture as they sit the regional test. Last year, at least 382 schools sat the test and with the present number, it shows a boost in the process.

Last week, a little over 31,000 students sat the test from the junior high division.

The purpose of the examination is to award certificates, provided that the certificates do not represent lower standards of attainment than equivalent certificates of examining authorities in the United Kingdom and for the public interest.



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