Fromayan Blasts PYJ

The former Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC)), James Fromayan has debunked recent statement by Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson that the former NEC boss was a party to influencing the election of three lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

In a statement issued yesterday in Monrovia, Cllr. Fromayan said Sen. Johnson’s alleged confession concerning the 2011 Presidential and Legislative elections is false and misleading. PYJ in his confession said former Chairman Fromayan was indeed a party to influencing the election of Representatives Garrison Yealu, Samuel Kogar; and Worleah Dunah.

In reaction to the lawmaker’s alleged confession, Cllr. Fromayan noted, “The statement from Senator Prince Y. Johnson alleging that President Sirleaf instructed me to influence the results of election in Nimba in 2011 in favor of the three representatives is total falsehood.”

The former NEC Chair said such an unsubstantiated allegation from Senator Johnson gives him all reason to say that he (PYJ) belongs to a psychiatric home not the Liberian Senate that is meant for people of sound mind. “Those who in anyway would want to give credence to a consummate liar and a psychopath like Prince Y. Johnson can only be considered like minds; it is a pity that such a character could be elected to public office. As time goes on, Prince Y.     Johnson’s mental instability will continue to manifest itself,” Fromayan averred.

Fromayan noted that as former chairman of NEC, he did not take instruction from the President of Liberia or other officials of government in any shape or form.

He stated further that during electoral process especially during polling day, all bona fide political parties and independent candidates are entitled to two agents each; these agents, who go through accreditation by NEC staff, represent their principals at each polling place and that there is always one agent per party or independent candidate at a polling place at any given time.

He said Election laws and guidelines require that observers (local and international), the media, Civil Society Organizations, etc. be present at all centers before voting begins at 8:00 A. M. on Election Day;  the content of the ballot box is shown to the group named above before the voting starts; Party agents, observers, CSOs the media are to remain at each polling place until the close of polls followed by counting of ballots and declaration of a winner.

Fromayan continued, “There is still the tallying and collating of results. At each step of the way, there is always room for an aggrieved party to launch a protest using the appropriate NEC legal channel; when there is a margin of 50 votes separating a winner from a loser, then there is a need for a recount, so much for the procedure.”