Police Takes Outreach To Communities

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has intensified its drive to inform residents of various communities around the country on the importance of community police relationship starting in the densely populated community of West Point.

At a well attended meeting in the Township of West Point by a large number of community dwellers and top brass of the police force led by its Deputy Director for Operations, Abraham Kromah who deputized for Inspector General, Chris Massaquoi, witnessed frank exchanges between the two parties.

Addressing the gathering, both Col. Kromah and Senior Inspector of police,  Georogy Cloeman outlined the responsibility of the Liberia National Police to the community members and what the police expect from the community in return.

The two officers told the gathering that it was significant for both the community and the police to partnership in the fight against crime, as a crime-free society was needed to encourage investors bring their  investment  which would eventually complement the efforts of  the government in addressing the  many problems the government is confronted with.

“We (the police) are paid by government to work for you and that responsibility must be executed to the letter,”  Senior Inspector Coleman  said.

He   cautioned the people of West Point to cooperate with the police force in their community as doing so will help the police identify the hideouts of criminals in West Point.

“Police are not magicians to know everything that is confronting you and your community, but we can be of greater help if you see us as partners in the war against criminals,” the Liberia National Police Senior Inspector said.

“We are also here to inform you that the current leadership of the Liberia National Police headed by the Inspector General of Police, Col. Chris Massaquoi is concerned about your security and the manner in which some of our officers conduct themselves, and for that he has established a Professional Standard Division to address police transgression,” he stated.

Director Kromah and Senior Inspector Coleman reminded the community to be peaceful in their interaction with the police as the police force was working for them and not against them.

“ This is a new police force;  the past is now behind us so we must all now strive to move our country forward by making it a safe place to live by working with the Liberia National Police,” Senior Inspector Colemen said while  providing  an answer to a resident who attended the meeting.

Welcoming the LNP high command to the township, Commissioner Martha Flower said she was impressed over the professional performance of the police zone  in her township  and promised to work with the force in fighting crimes.

Other speakers raised concern over the increase in rape, prostitution and ghettos in West Point and requested for remedy from the LNP, which was promised by the Director who further requested the community to inform the police about the hideouts of criminals in the area, and wondered what the LNP was doing to address those issues confronting them.

At the close of the meeting the West Point residents pledged their commitment in working with the Liberia National Police at all level and called on the police leadership to continue the good work which they said has led to the massive reduction in crime rate across the country.