NEC Holds Inter-Party Forum

The National Elections Commission has held a one-day consultation with Representatives of the Inter Party Consultative Committee (IPCC) in Monrovia.      The forum is part of a 2013-2017 strategic work plan developed under the Elections Basket Fund managed by UNDP, to strengthen the capacity of the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) to engage stakeholder groups on key priority areas which remains a key goal of this new strategic plan.

Funded by the European Union (EU) and Swedish Development International Agency (SIDA), the exercise was designed to deepen the culture of dialogue between political parties and the National Elections Commission, through the Inter-party consultative committee as the Commission develops its strategic communication plan.

Over thirty stakeholders at the forum discussed ways and methods of improving external and internal communications by the Commission, with the aim to build a more consistent corporate identity and streamline media and public affairs at the NEC.

Focus groups provided valuable feedback and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the NEC’s present strategies, stressing the need for the Commission to put in place robust mechanisms that will provide an inclusive and transparent environment for forthcoming elections.

Representatives of the IPCC also recommended that stakeholders be included in the review process pertaining to the strategy noting that, inputs collated will act as the foundation for the NEC with UNDP’s support, to review current practices.

The NEC and its UNDP counterparts are working together to incorporate comments and inputs from stakeholders into the next steps under the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan  that will lead to recommendations to be presented to the Board of Commissioners for discussion.

These activities are part of UNDP’s support to NEC in building institutional capacity throughout the electoral cycle.