NUDP Executive Descends On PYJ

NUDP Executive Descends On PYJ

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The acting Chairman of the National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP), Mr. Benedict Bartuah has called on political and state actors not to do business with the party’s political leader, Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson.      Mr. Bartuah said civil society organizations, human rights groups, non- governmental organizations, political institutions and international partners should not do business with Senator Prince Johnson in the name of the NUDP.

Mr. Bartuah explained that Senator Johnson had resigned from NUDP as its Standard Bearer therefore political leaders around the World should stop doing business with him relative to issues concerning the NUDP.

Mr. Bartuah said it was childish, unprofessional, unethical, and unrealistic and big lie, as Senator Johnson told Nimba citizens in Ganta City that people pleaded with him to return to the party.

“Nobody has begged Senator Johnson to come back to the party. That is a big lie, deception and it is a shame that made him to return to the party,” Mr.Bartuah asserted.

”Let me say that at no time will the National Union Democratic Progress (NUDP) will divide the people of Nimba. Our political foundation is very solid in Liberia and there would be no way for somebody to break it down,” Mr. Bartuah.

Mr. Bartuah Narrated that NUDP is stronger than before and it is a political party not a military institution that anyone can just run in the country.

He said it is a party of millions of people that need political control and as such a political leader must be consistent at all times.

Mr. Bartuah described Senator Johnson as a man who earned master’s degree in lying, and just to cajole the Liberian people that he put millions of dollars in the party.

”Let me make it clear to the Liberian people that Senator Johnson did not put any dime in the party,” the NUDP acting Chairman stated.

Nimba County District Number Four Representative, Garrison Yealue who is also a member of the NUDP has also reacted to the recent statement made by Senator Johnson that he (Senator Johnson) fraudulently helped other lawmakers from the county to have won the 2011 representative election in Nimba County.

Representative Yealue described the claims from Senator Johnson as a heinous lie intended to destroy his political image.

Yealue said the people of Nimba County voted for him based on his past records and God’s favor not the help of Senator Johnson.

Yealue called on Senator Johnson to abstain from carrying lies against his kinsmen and engage in explaining his success stories to the people of Nimba in particular and the people of Liberia in general.

In recent time, Senator Prince Y. Johnson said he was quitting the NUDP because there were some disgruntled individuals within the party that are stalling its progress. He said because of these detractors he was leaving the NUDP to contest the 2014 mid-term Senatorial election as an independent Candidate.

Senator Johnson few days later said he was rescinding his decision to quit the NUDP based on numerous appeals from the people of Nimba County who classified the party as a “Nimba Party.”

Senator Johnson told reporters that to solve the problem within the party he was in the process of instituting legal suit against those he called “detractors” within the party.

The Nimba Senator said the NUDP is also planning a national convention to elect new county leadership and a new executive committee.

Political pundits believe that the tussle between Senator Johnson and the Executives of the NUDP might deepen as the 2014 mid-term election draws near.