LNP Dismisses 7 Officers

The Administration of the Liberia National Police says it has with immediate effect dismissed seven police officers from the force for being absent from work without authority.   A statement from the Liberia National Police quotes Police Spokesman Sam Collins as saying that the seven officers were dismissed from the organization for Accumulating Constant Absence without Official Leave (69Days AWOL) from November 2012 to March 2013.

The Police Spokesman said the action of the seven former police officers contravene Chapter iii Section 1.14 of the Police Duty Manual captioned Prohibited Conduct.”

The Liberia National Police Spokesman said the seven dismissed officers have been ordered to turn over all Government of Liberia properties within their possession and further warned them not to present themselves as police officers as doing so will lead to their arrest and subsequent prosecution under the laws of Liberia.

Those dismissed according to an LNP statement-include Patrolman Borbor Y. Reed, Ralph W. Sonyah, Exodus M. Dogolea, Adiah N. Zayzay, Stephn T. Pajibo, Ansurnana I. Kroma and Surnala P. Kalimu

Mr. Collins said the action against the seven affected officers is intended to install discipline within the service as the current administration of the Liberia National Police will not compromise any act on the part of its officers that will undermine efficiency and productivity within the force.

At the same time the Liberia National Police is calling on the general public to be aware of these dismissed officers and to make use of its Professional Standard Division which is clothed with the authority to investigate police transgression whenever they are approached by the above mentioned.

The LNP said it was sadden to note that some individuals were using the media to address the issue of police transgression without referencing its Professional Standard Division.

The Liberian Police Spokesperson said drastic measure awaits any police officer found guilty of committing police transgression, but was quick to point out that the police will not entertain baseless and unfounded allegations against its officers.