Fmr. Supt. Kpan To Speak At Girls Education Forum

Former superintendent of Montserrado County, Grace Kpan and former Representative candidate of Bong County, Zota Panta District, Mrs. Susannah Lorpu Mator have been selected to serve as guest speaker for the Launching of the Bong County Compulsory Girls Educational Program slated for May 24 at the Dolokelen Paye Gboveh High School Air cool auditorium in Bong County Gbarnga City.

The two guest speakers will be speaking on the Theme: “What are the challenges and success of Girls Education in Liberia And the second Topic: What is the way forward of uniting the people of Bong County?

According to the Chairman of the Kwapaai Youth Foundation, Mr. Jeremiah K. Solomon, the program will follow by honoring of high personalities including Grace Kpan, Mrs. Susannah Lorpu Mator, Atty. Daku Mulbah, Atty. Kula L. Jackson, Atty. Cornelius Flomo Winnie, Mr. Lekpele Nyamalon, Soko V. Sackor, Mrs. Amyaa Vohiri, Chief of Party American Institute for Research, Mr. Aaron Koille, and William B.S. Kolle, Sr.

Mr. Solomon said through research methodology, these honorees, have demonstrated over the years in their respective positions a good leadership ability interns of transparency, accountability, good judgmental and building the human resource capacity.

According to Chairman Solomon, a sample survey have proving that over 70% of Bong County Girls are not in school within various district villages and Towns, you rather see a Girl child going to a farm, pregnant or obligated to 3,4, or 5 children.

Mr. Solomon said the launching of this Girls child education message will go across to parents and guardians with in Bong County about sending their child to school, we will recommend to the national government to reinforce the compulsory educational system within Liberia that will actually reduce mass uneducated girl.

“We are going to do everything possible by using all social capital resource by informing our people of Bong in a good faith about the important of Girl child education.” He added.

In a related development, Tutorial classes have been organized by Mr. Solomon for the students who have registered for the University of Liberia placement and entrance examination. Over one hundred and thirty students who have registered for this year’s entrance.

Mr. Solomon is also commanding Cllr. Benedict K. Sargbe for parent are unable to send them to private institution. Mr. Solomon said fifteen years ago, Bong County was one of major center for the UL Entrance but because of the civil war it was closed down, but through Mr. Solomon social contact and the sponsorship of Cllr. Benedict K. Sargbe, the UL administration accepted the social contact recommendation that. was made a year ago by Mr. Jeremiah K. Solomon and this is why the UL Placement and entrance examination center was created in Bong County.

Mr. Solomon said, as a social scientist, and also a human mind developer the student communities of Bong County wiN be intellectually mind builder that no politician or politicians will fools any one in Bong County. Mr. Solomon said they are using this occasion to advice our politicians who have done nothing for their people to park their bags from now onward. Mr. Solomon said the day of theorica! politic are over the new method of politic now is what we call practical, it tell you how to integrate, how you visit your constituency , how many agricufture farm, how you live with your people and when you visited your constituency when you were in power