Ex-U.S. Police Officer Offers Training Opportunity

A Retired/Resigned police officer of the city of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, the United States has returned to the country with more training opportunities for the Liberian security sector.

Todd Samuel Nagbe, the only Liberian who served in the US police service in Minnesota prior to his resignation is in the country to contribute to the security sector by ensuring that Liberian security including the police and other paramilitary personnel are adequately trained to meet present day challenges.

In an interview recently in Monrovia, Officer Nagbe said he has proposed to state authorities to set up a program wherein Liberian security personnel and Criminal Justice students will study at the Hennepin Technical College in the United State.

According to Nagbe, he is partnering with Madam Mylan M. Masson, Director of Law Enforcement Program/Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center of the Hennepin Technical College to ensure that those involved in the security sector acquire high level of security training in the US.

Mr. Nagbe, a Liberian but US-trained officer called on government to support the program by providing funding for Liberian security personnel and those interested in the security sector and criminal justice area to be trained. He said air tickets for those selected will be provided by either government or their agencies while costs for the training will be underwritten through donations.

Officer Nagbe said the Law Enforcement Education Center (LEEC) will prepare students for careers in law enforcement through one of the two educational tracks. He named the educational tracks as Associate in Science in Law Enforcement degree, or the Law enforcement Certificate program. Nagbe said both tracks deliver training through a combination of traditional academic studies combined with rigorous skills-development.

Among other things, Mr. Nagbe said the degree program is designed for students beginning their college experience or who have some college credits but have not yet earned a degree. He said students in the associate degree track will be required to complete a balanced educational curriculum including liberal arts courses in the areas of English, speech, political science, sociology, psychology, and physical education.

Meanwhile, the Liberian/US trained police officer has begun meeting with high level Liberian security officials to support the program. Nagbe is to meet with Police Inspector General, Chris Massaquoi, EPS boss, Othello Warrick, Immigration Commission, Abla Williams, NSA boss, Fumba Sirleaf and other Liberian security officials; Morrison O.G. Sayon writes.