LIBA SG Warns Against Divisive Tendency

The Secretary of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA) Madam M. Leelai Kpukuyou, has warned members of the Liberia United for Sustainable Development — LUSD against divisive tendency.

Madam Kpukuyou said the act of undermining each other will not only retard growth and development in LUSD but the entire Liberia which will not augur well for Liberia which is behind in everything.

Madam Kpukuyou said instead of undermining each other, members of LUSD must work together collectively and share the necessary ideas that will move the entity forward from one level to another.

“Let us all as Liberians do away with the crab mentality, that is pulling down our Leaders, it will not do a good thing for Liberia”, Madam Kpukuyou pointed out.

She reminded them that for too long Liberians have sit back complaining that National Government is not giving them attention without doing something themselves, which we as Liberians who want to see our country develop should graduate from.

She praised the LUSD Leadership and members for a ground breaking and planting of cassava cuttings agriculture pilot project in Sackie Gbomoh Town, Margibi County which is a laudable initiative.

Madam Kpukuyou described the project of the entity as a worthwhile venture and pledged LIBA’s support to the Liberia United for Sustainable Development — LUSD under LIBA’s three code mandate.

Madam Kpukuyou said LUSD as LIBA’s member stands to benefit from its advocacy, capacity building and assess to finance as LUSD continued to carry out its various projects across the country.

The Secretary General of LIBA told members of LUSD “ what you people started where may seem small but mind you it requires a whole lot ranging from resources, time and energy so you people must hold together and through that LUSD will receive huge support from different groups”.

Madam Kpukuyou, who deputized for LIBA’s President Dee Maxwell Kemayah, thanked Central Bank of Liberia that through its financial assistance the Liberia United for Sustainable Development could engage in the agriculture pilot project as empowering Liberians.

For their part, representative from Margibi County Superintendent, the Agriculture Ministry, FED — Liberia, expressed their entities committed to the work of the Liberia United for Sustainable Development in making Liberia self — sufficient in food production.

Speaking earlier, LUSD’s General Manager. Jefferson F. Tokpah, Sr. disclosed that his entity will buttress Government’s efforts in creating economic empowerment for youth and other Liberians through general agriculture, micro finance scheme, credit union, construction and modern furniture making including private security guard service.

Mr. Tokpah said LUSD which is undertaking twenty-five acres of cassava farming in Margibi County will extend its services throughout Liberia with focus in animal husbandry, planting ground nut, potatoes, eddoes and vegetable production.

Meanwhile, Mr. David K. Sembeh, LUSD’s Co-Chairman of Directors, who proxy for the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Mrs. D. Sheba Browne, called for budgetary allotment in the national budget for the Agriculture Ministry.

According to Mr. Sembeh this will enable the Ministry effectively carry out its statutory mandate by assisting private organizations that are involved in agriculture activities and will help in reducing the unemployment rate in country.