China Breaks Ground For US$10m Sturcture

By Edwin G. Wandah

The Chinese Government yesterday broke grounds for the construction of a modern duplex worth US$.10Million dollars in the compounds of the Monrovia Vocational Training Center the MVTC.

During the program which was held at the compounds of the Monrovia Vocational Training Center in Paynesville Red Light, Asst. Minister Dorothy Smith said in the second term inaugural address of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s message to the young people of Liberia, the need for educating this generation was a serious priority, which she said was the major cries of the hundreds and thousands of people desperately in need of education or some kind of empowerment skills to sustain them and their families.

She said the core of youth empowerment opportunities, establishment of marketable skills training programs that guarantee sustainable empowerment for all Liberian youths irrespective of their political, religious, tribal and social backgrounds and the commitment to action was not a lip service at all.

According to Asst. Minister Dorothy Smith, in the first 150 days Action Plan for which among several things spoke for the government beginning to take practical steps to addressing the lack of employment skills amongst the youths of Liberia, which led to the placement of 1500 youths in technical and vocational training institutions in 7 counties, from empirical evidence, to the lack of employable skills remains the greatest stumbling block in our drive to addressing the acute youth unemployment challenge.

Also speaking at the ground breaking ceremony held at the open air grounds of the Monrovia Vocational Training Center at the MVTC; several high profile law makers and government officials made important reference to the growth and development of the country. According to Youth and Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, he and his officials at the Youth and Sports Ministry are pleased to be a part of what he called history-making of the nation.

Minister Nagbe praised the Government for the steps it has taken so far in identifying with the thousands of young people of Liberia with so many developmental projects it had undertaken in Liberia with the current one to break grounds at the MVTC compounds being a major boost to empowering the youths of Liberia and lauded the Government of Liberia for the initiative.

Also, Rivercess County Senior Senator J. Jonathan Banney who is the Chairman Standing Committee on Youth and Sports thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her tireless supports in seeing that the plight of the Liberian youths are prioritized in the educational sector of Liberia.

According to Senator Banney, President Sirleaf has paved the way for the free movement of the citizenry by creating the smooth atmosphere for Liberians and even non-Liberians to have equal share opportunities of free movement in the country. The Senate Chair on Youth gave specific position on the future of the Liberian youths being the future generation of the country of the nation. He said, days gone by, these million dollars worth of opportunities given to today’s youths were not seen and unlike now where the need to even technical education is becoming a reality for hundreds of Liberian youths in the country.

For their parts, both Chinese Ambassador ZHAO JIANHUA and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shared a time of excitement as they broke the grounds for the building of the Multi Educational Duplex for hundreds of Liberians currently at the MVTC going through various technical skills training and those that may want to use the new learning opportunity of empowering themselves.

According to Ambassador ZHAO he was extremely happy to be a part of the Official Ground Breaking Ceremony of China Aided Project for the extension of the MVTC and according to him, it means that the project will be turning promises and commitments into something real to be seen on the ground, something visible that people can see and something solid that people can benefit from.

The Chinese Ambassador who was very impressed at the ceremony also made it clear that his Government will like to do many ground breakings of projects in Liberia. According to him, countries coming out of war sometimes find it extremely difficult in its developmental agenda, but the Chinese Ambassador said for Liberia, it is a different case.

Ambassador ZHAO JIANHUA said under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia has done well in its drive to achieving its developmental goals which amongst other things seeks to empower its youthful generation that is desperately in need of all such of education, from academic to skill training.

For her part, the Liberian leader said that China took her by surprise. According to President Sirleaf, she has decided to boycott ground breakings and only attend dedications of projects. The Liberian leader disclosed that China has paved the way of guaranteeing the already established bilateral relationship between Liberia and China.

The Liberian leader thanked the Chinese Government for always putting Liberia on its developmental agenda and thanked Ambassador ZHAO for being one of the first Ambassadors to witness many developments that his country has undertaken for Liberia.

The extension of the MVTC will include one three-story building for teaching and training, one three-story building for faculty dormitory, one two-story building for student dormitory with total construction area of 6000 square meters at the total cost around US$.10M. According to Ambassador ZHAO, the building project is expected to be completed in August 2014.