CDC Offcial Vows To Oppose Sale Of Lofa Mountains

CDC Offcial Vows To Oppose Sale Of Lofa Mountains

The Vice Chairman for Operations of the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah Morlu has vowed to oppose the sale of the Lofa Mountains

Mr. Morlu said any attempt by Vice President Joseph Boakai and son of President Sirleaf, Roberts Sileaf , to mortgage the resources of his nativity, Lofa to develop India will be opposed.

Mr. Morlu, in an interview with reporters after programs marking the graduation of the T-Five Vocational and Skill Training Center run by District# 5 Representative, Thomas P. Fallah of the CDC, cautioned the government of President Sirleaf to reconsider its exploitation scheme as he and thousands of others will rally Liberians, and all Lofaians to put up massive resistance against the plot.

Mr. Morlu said the resources of Lofa will be kept as a reserve to be used by future governments to develop the lives of the young generation; build hospitals, good roads and quality schools for all; and will not be exported to build Bombay.

Mr. Morlu challenged Vice President Boakai to deny that he is not in cohort with Indian businessmen who hired him with millions of dollars for a scramble of Mts. Wologisi/Wutivi. The CDC Vice Chair vowed to stand with the ‘Mighty Congress for Democratic Change’ going from village to town and fight to protect Lofa with every ounce of his blood.

He averred that the government of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is endemically corrupt and has failed the Liberian people, and that the era of her son presiding over the exploitation of the oil sector must be stopped. Mr. Morlu, speaking after former Internal Affairs Minister Blamo Nelson, categorically condemned the Unity Party-led government as corrupt to astronomical height and therefore, hinted that Liberians can’t wait for 2017 for a ‘Protest vote’ to dethrone the government out of power and bring in a CDC-led government that will improve their lives.

Mr. Morlu said by taking ownership of the struggle to forestall the attempted scramble of Lofa by foreign and domestic-based exploiters of the country’s natural resources is a war which he is prepared to fight to the last.

The former war crimes court advocate with a history of over ten prison records under the Sirleaf regime, pronounced that George Weah is inevitably Liberia’s next President owing to the people-centered platform of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change and the unmatched popularity of the party.

In another development, Mr. Morlu has said that the time is fast approaching when the masses will no longer tolerate wealthy government officials to seek treatments abroad when sick, leaving the poor majority to rot and die in poorly constructed clinics and makeshift health centers in and around Monrovia.

Morlu said if government fails to improve health institutions, public officials will be stopped from leaving the country by mass citizens’ actions and those officials will be expected to seek treatment in the same hospitals in Liberia that are simply funeral homes for the poor.