Youths Set Up Road Block…In Demand Of Good Road In Gardnersville

Hundreds of youths in Gardnersville yesterday set up road block thus preventing vehicles and motorbikes from plying the main road from Tusa-field to the St. Michael Elementary School in Gardnersville.  The youths said though they have made efforts to ensure that the road be constructed by the leadership of District#11, their leaders including Rep. Gabriel Nyankan have refused to do anything about the road which is now in a deplorable condition as the raining season approaches.

The group’s spokesman, Marcus Mawolo said over the years 2012/13, they have seen their road deteriorating because of constant usage and lack of maintenance.

Mr. Mawolo who spoke to this paper said in order to avoid continuous damage to their vehicles and other assets, thus increasing time and repair costs due to the deplorable conditions of the road. He said they contacted all community dwellers including their leaders to raise fund for the construction of the road as the rainy season is now here.

He said despite an appeal to Rep. Nyenkan and other leaders in the district, they have vehemently refused to assist with the construction and maintenance of the road. The youths said their action on Sunday was to create awareness about the deplorable road condition and a wakeup call to Rep. Nyenkan and others to help in the building of the road.

They said while the late Rep. Moses Tandapolie was alive he was always concerned about the road and did everything possible to ensure that the road was properly maintained. “But since we elected Rep. Nyenkan he has not shown any concern about the development of the district,” Mawolo averred.

Meanwhile, over 12 youths of the district have been arrested by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Emergency Respond Unit (ERU), for setting up the road block. The youths were taken to the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police for investigation.

Police Spokesman, Sam Collins who was on the scene said the police will not take it lightly with individuals or group of individuals who will obstruct the free movement of people in the country. He confirmed that several of the protesting youths were arrested and taken to the LNP headquarters for investigation.

He also informed journalists that more arrests will be made if the youths continue to block the road leading to the community.

As for Representative Nyankan whose church was besieged by the protesting youths, he cleverly managed to escape the scene on a motorbike leaving behind his office car on the grounds of the church.

He told journalists that he had never been informed or petitioned for any road project, saying, “If they think I am the Minister of Public Works let them write me to build the road.”

He further said, “I cannot address these people because I am not a representative of hooligans.” Representative Nyankan was later rescued by the ERU.