“You Are Experts”…94th Baccalaureate Speaker Tells UL Graduates

By C. Winnie Saywah

The University of Liberia has cleared some 453 students for its 94th commencement set for Wednesday, May 22, 2013 and the Baccalaureate speaker, Rev. Monsignor Gabrial B.S. Jubwe has described them as experts in their God-given talents and capacities.

Dr. Jubwe who pastors the St. Pius X Catholic Church in Harbel, Margibi County speaking from the theme, “Be Strong and Courageous drawn from Deuteronomy 31:6, told the graduates that they have so much to offer the society therefore they should stop seeking ministerial positions upon graduation instead use their God-given talents to serve the society as they are already entrepreneurs.

“You can do something wherever you find yourselves,” the Catholic prelate said adding that courage makes all things right and it is that courage each human needs in the society to take a position because  it’s that courage that enables one to stand and speak the truth.

He said but that courage must come from within because nobody can experience it without God being the provider. Dr. Jubwe said, “It comes with God’s call to obedience; that courage demands one to be focused; to say yes and that can only happen if it is linked with God”.

Stressing on ‘being strong’ the Catholic prelate said God provides everyone with strength to face the normal future. “Being strong means not giving up; being strong means to fight back and persevere to the end,” he intimated.

“And to you the graduates, you have persisted in achieving the goals you desire. You have abandoned the obstacles of lack of finance; prolonged studies and you rose above and here you are today to say thank you. So give honor and glory to God because it was not upon your human strength that you acclaimed such success,” he told the mid-term graduating class.

Dr. Jubwe said gratitude to God is a sense that gathers people to offer praises and though there will be prevailing circumstances that will keep them from God’s work but “Be strong and courageous,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, with the absence of the President of the UL, Emmet Dennis for the first time since his ascendency to that position at the university, the ceremony was held at the Executive Pavilion on Broad- Ashmun Streets with many parents and relatives left standing in the streets and barred from entering the hall while the program was going on due to lack of official invitation.

The hall was even being prepared during the dire minutes while prospective graduates were bundled as far as the United Methodist University for hours awaiting signal to parade down the street which is unusual into the hall. The hall was relatively empty which many believed is not a tradition of the UL with its mass output of graduates.

Among the prospective graduates are several individuals from the Liberian media including Francis Pelenah of Sky FM, Famatta Thomas of Harbel Radio, Evelyn Karngar of the UL Mass Communications Department as well as Samuel M. Johnson formerly of the Inquirer Newspaper.